My purple garden

Blueish purple, pinkish purple, purple purple – I don’t know how my garden became quite so purple; it wasn’t intentional. The lilac, and California lilac are looking spectacular right now.  Shame the same can’t be said for my photography! The heather beneath began life in a pot marked ‘rockery plant’ but has grown disproportionately large.


The allium were part of a 60th birthday present, and the periwinkle grew from a small cutting gifted by a neighbour.


The grape hyacinths, here before we were, so at least twenty two years old, continue to thrive and multiply year on year with clumps appearing all over the place.


This pretty little flower blooms on the small rockery outside the summerhouse/shed (it was the former but is used as the latter) but I have no idea what it’s called.


Still to come is the lavender (munsted and hidcote) which lines each side of the front path and nigella which fills the base of the sweet pea plot. The iris should be out now in the front garden but there’s no sign of them.

The sweet peas have just been planted out – lots of purply shades to look forward to there too. There’s Cupani (chosen for their strong perfume) and some mixed long stemmed ones.  Arent these a gorgeous colour?

Image result for suttons cupani

While on the subject of the garden…Sadly our, not purple at all, but vivid cerise Starlight Express Rose has died. No warning – it just keeled over and wham! We have no idea what happened. This prolific, long lasting flowerer has been with us almost since we moved in and it used to cover the fence and arbor at the top of the steps garden steps. I will miss looking out on its beautiful blooms.

Image result for starlight express rose





  1. I like pink and purple, those are the colours I chose to have when we had our back garden done a couple of years ago. I’ve got a couple of white flowered plants just to lighten things up a bit. In the front garden anything goes and there are yellow plants there too. I’m making it sound as though my garden is all planned and lovely but in reality when I buy a new plant it tends to be an impulse buy and I shove it in wherever there is a space!


    • I think most of us have gardens that just grew ( no pun intended) over the years rather than ones that were planned from the start. I love white flowers in the house, but they can disappear a bit in the garden unless they are contrasted with a strong colour …. like purple!


  2. Your purple garden looks wonderful! I love purple, and have some purple flowers in my garden, but not as many as you! What a pity your rose bush died! Will you be replacing it?


    • We will certainly be looking for another Starlight express rose, Bless. It took years to grow so dense though, so I can’t imagine it will be as wonderful for some time yet


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