The curious and the unusual

Now here’s a curious thing: on Thursday night I had a very poor night’s sleep. I’m used to not sleeping well, but it is usually for the reason that my mind is full of churning thought and turmoil. But Thursday’s lack of sleep was because I had palm pain. STOP reading right there and think for a moment. Palm pain – ever heard of it? Seriously, who ever complains of a painful palm? My finger hurts (a ganglion on the joint) and my wrist aches (carpal tunnel syndrome) but I’ve never had a problem with my palm, that is until Thursday night.  It felt as though something was being driven into the centre….hard! Boy, did it hurt.  And then when I woke up on Friday morning – gone! No pain whatever and nothing since.

And now, completely unconnected to the first subject – I bought a dress today. This is what the ‘unusual’ refers to in the post title because I almost never buy dresses. It’s the generous bust (referred to in my ranting bra post : It’s a girl thing ) that does for me every time.When a dress fits on top then it’s either too big on the hips, gapes around the armholes or sags at the neck.  I buy long jersey tunics to wear with leggings (my usual style of clothing) and I did get a new jersey maxi dress last year (jersey’s good as it stretches and accommodates) but these fall into the casual wear category and apart from the one for my daughter’s wedding 18 months ago (though actually bought a year before that),  I gave up on posh frocks years ago and stuck to separates when I needed something smart.

We’re off to a wedding soon and I although I had several choices of things to wear and had more or less settled on an outfit, I secretly longed for a nice dress. Silly me – I KNOW what a nightmare it is trying to buy one; I just end up coming home feeling thoroughly demoralised. But I went ahead and yes, after five failures, that was exactly how I felt – thoroughly demoralised so I bought a new eyeliner pencil instead (it didn’t really do the trick) and headed for the car park. I passed a shop I’ve rarely ventured into (considered it old fashioned, boring). For some reason I turned back  and halfheartedly wandered in. Tucked in at the end of a rack of garish crinkly sun dresses, all on its own, was this…

I loved it instantly. Now that’s not a picture of me (oh to be that slim) but it is a picture of the dress. I’ve seen the style referred to as a shutter dress as it has lots of layers. I can’t believe I even took it into the dressing room – it’s so far removed from anything I’ve ever bought. But I did and it fitted. No gaping at the neck, no baggy armholes, no loose material on the hips. It fitted! Now I just have to decide what to wear with it.







    • Thanks Ratnamufti. I wear leggings most of the time. I hated them until I saw a lady wearing them with flat ballerina pumps and an almost knee length tunic style dress and thought I’d copy. That was about 6 years ago and I’ve been wearing them since.


  1. The pain in your palm is, indeed, curious! I wonder if it was something in your wrist or a finger that triggered a nerve which resulted in the pain in your palm?

    The dress is lovely and I am so glad you were able to find something you liked and fitted! I’m sure you’ll figure out just the right combination of accessories, but I do hope you’ll post some pictures for us to see. Curious minds want to know, and all that!


    • No idea, Bless. I guess it could be to do with wrist but it seemed a different kind of pain all together. Anyhow it’s not returned. Thanks for your comments re my outfit. Yes, I shall post a picture.


    • I have lots of suitable accessories, Pat. I have to decide which…shall I go for gold, pink, silver, yellow or lime? A trying on session is required.


    • Thank you, Alison. I’ve lined up three possibilities of what to wear with it. Perhaps I’ll photograph them for the blog and take a vote!


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