Salad days

A few  lettuce leaves, slices of cucumber and a tomato  does little to excite my taste buds. so how come when eating in a restaurant, I often choose a salad? Well, they are often rather more interesting than most of the ones we make at home, are they not?

I’ve been doing my best to create restaurant-style salads at home. Some have been delicious. I love hot and cold foods together so this prawn salad with warm potato went down very well.


This red salad contained beetroot, tomato, raddish, onion and a few pomegranate seeds with lots of lovely feta and a red wine & beetroot dressing.


More feta but this time with warm roasted cauliflower, beetroot and a few roasted red peppers from a jar.


I loved this one which combined bulgar wheat, canellini and edamame beans and spinach with more traditional salad ingredients.


The only problem with eating like this is that there are a lot of ingredients of which only a small amount is used so it’s really great that the supermarkets are selling some of the more unusual items in their range of freezer foods which means that edemame beans, pomegranate seeds and chopped shallots are now readily available from my own freezer.

Do you like salads and do you have a favourite combination of ingredients?




  1. Your salads definitely have eye appeal, Eloise. And I am sure they taste good, too. I am not much of a salad person, which is why I found it so funny that I craved them when I was undergoing chemo! The big problem with that was, I was told not to eat any raw salad greens, fruit and vegetables that can’t be peeled, etc., due to fear of getting ill due to contamination! I used to wash all the lettuce, etc., in vinegar, before eating them!


  2. Oh, what gorgeous salads, Eloise! I could eat those right now, just give me a plate and a hunk of lovely crusty bread (or cheese bread from Waitrose.)
    I love tomato and red onion salad with Feta and fresh basil leaves best of all, but I’d eat any of those you prepared. I love the combination of warm new potatoes with the cold ingredients, too. I often add pieces of fruit to salad, too, grapes for example or melon. And nuts, too, such as chopped walnuts or cashew nuts.
    I don’t know edamame beans – can you buy them canned? How do you pronounce it? Ed-a-mame, or Ed-ah-ma-me?
    Margaret P


    • Ooooh yes, a hunk of crusty bread. I love bread but I try to avoid too much as it attaches itself to my hips a little too enthusiastically! Same can be said for nuts sadly. Oh, who invented weight-watching?!!
      Tomato, red onion & feta with basil – perfect! Edamame (soya beans) Ed-ah-ma-me. I buy them frozen from Tesco (Waitrose do them too), but not sure if they are available canned. They’re like little broad beans but less bitter (not that I’m complaining about that – I like broad beans very much).


  3. I have just one special salad: can of brown lentils, drained, can of beetroot chopped and drained, then either: add feta; or red onion; dry fried pumpkin seeds; walnuts; can of drained corn; chopped parsley, etc. Or, add several of these. Plus dressing of any sort. This is my ‘bring a plate’, or, bring lunch to share, dish.

    Yours are definitely more creative!!


    • Yes I like a nicoise too. The. Big problem is that I don’t find them filling enough unless I add cous cous or bulgar whet, which are nice but rather high in calories. Can’t win!

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  4. Some lovely salads there Eloise. They look so colourful and appealing and at this time of year they are a just what I need instead of stodgy comfort food. Although I know what you mean about trying to recreate them at home.
    I like mine sprinkled with feta or goats cheese, sometimes some pine nuts for a bit of bite. If I need something a bit more filling then I add a bit of cous cous or bulgur wheat. X


    • Oh yes, I love pine nuts. I rarely buy them though because they are a ‘red light’ food for me, i.e. I can’t resist them!


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