Just a bit of fun

Some days we don’t feel like a full evening meal but we do need something more substantial than a snack. Husband doesn’t cook often though he is perfectly able if he has instructions to follow, and thanks to one of his small collection of ‘that looks nice’ recipes gathered from the Mail on Sunday’s You Magazine, he makes a mean bruschetta.

I’ve no idea what prompted me to say it (other than that I just knew from experience that it would taste amazing) but I looked down at my plate last night and said, ” If I had to eat one meal every night for a whole year, this would be it.”  It’s very simple – roasted cherry tomatoes and onions cooked with oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic and chilli and placed on toasted crusty bread. We improve the recipe by adding a generous sprinkling of Parmesan.


It’s  a completely ridiculous scenario, and a very silly question but … if you had to eat the same meal every night for a whole year, what would you choose?



  1. I make something similar but with corn tortillas and shredded Parma ham and a glass of chilled Pinot Grigio would go down wonderfully.


    • Sounds good, Margaret. It’s interesting how we’ve all come up with something fairly simple. No fancy ingredients or convoluted methods.


  2. Oh yes, roast vegetables for me with couscous rather than bread. Don’t like bread really. The roast veg must include courgettes as well as tomatoes, peppers and shallots plus several pieces of garlic in their skins, with perhaps the odd bit of carrot or two for bite (they take longer to roast so are slightly more al dente than the other veg). Just a touch of parmesan for me and I’m good to go for, well, nearly a year!


    • I like roasted veg too. The roasting process makes them sweeter – I guess the natural sugars are released. Roasted garlic – oh yes! Wonderful. The dish I described has whole roasted cloves which I love. It would be a useful thing for me not to be keen on bread! I like it too much.

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    • As I don’t eat rice I can identify with using bread to mop up a ‘saucy’ meal. I love naan bread but a crusty roll is just as nice.


    • I like a glass of cider myself but have developed a taste for ‘applsecco’ an apple flavoured prosecco made in Shropshire, local to my daughter. Should said daughter be reading this, I could do with replenishing!!


  3. It would be something like your recipe which you have just shown us, Eloise, or spaghetti with home made tomato sauce (i.e. onions sautéed, quality canned chopped tomatoes, fresh basil, dried basil, 1 veggie Oxo cube, and a little sugar to take away too much acidity, and perhaps a little tomato puree) with, as you say, a generous portion of freshly grated parmesan. I would finish off with perhaps aa perfectly ripe pear.
    Margaret P


    • Oooh I didn’t think to ask about what you’d like to follow, Margaret. I pinched one of the grandchildren’s ice lollies – perfect to bring the palate down!


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