Midweek update

After the dullness and chill of so many months it feels rather churlish to say that I was too hot, but today’s glorious sunshine turned my office into a mini greenhouse! If it’s the same tomorrow then the blind will have to come into use but I really didn’t want to shut out the best sunshine in months. I opened the window and let it pour in and now, at home, we’re sitting with the French doors open and it really feels like summer. A blackbird is singing beautifully and we have a pair of blue tits eating the peanuts


Back to where I was: I have a nice office at work and I’ve recently taken delivery of some new (chosen by me) furniture. I have a comfortable chair for visitors and a couple of decorative plants; I’m making it my own.  The view from the window could be better – it overlooks the car park and the entrance where the lorries arrive (all day and all night). It is also next door to the Council tip, but on the bright side I can hear the seagulls (greedy scavengers, they are particularly drawn to rubbish sites). I like seagulls and once wrote a post in support of these much maligned creatures.  In praise of seagulls   Oh, and I have a large box of tissues. A HR office can occasionally be an emotional place!

The task of finding a car continues. I’ve had open top sports cars in the past and found that the excitement of driving them has fallen short of expectation.  I’ve driven large cars, small cars and medium size cars and my requirements are now very explicit. I’ve considered running costs – fuel, road tax and insurance, reliability, safety, emissions and performance and come to the conclusion that an updated version of what I already have is my preferred option. Add to this the fact that I really like driving it, and it seems pointless to compromise. Further to the essentials, the colour  matters; I only want black, dark grey, red or white. I thought I’d found just the thing at a garage 30 miles away and paid a £200 (refundable) reservation to hold it until I could get there to look at it.  An hour later they rang to say they’d sold it. That’s not supposed to happen so I wasn’t very happy. I found another this afternoon but it is in Hemel Hempstead. So again I’ve paid the reservation fee and the company are bringing it to a closer branch so that I can test drive it. Apparently this can take up to TEN working days though usually doesn’t. Fingers crossed that it will suit. If I buy it, it will be my fourth red car.

Slimming World on Monday confirmed another half pound loss. A new mantra is needed – focus, focus, focus.

My daughter has just arrived to stay for a couple of nights whilst she is working closer to here than to home – how useful we are! It’s so nice to have her here. We’re going to spend the evening relaxing. That’s the kind of chill I never mind.


  1. Another beautiful sunny day,mustn’t complain but it’s a bit too hot for me!Just wanted to let you know I’ve been for a manicure and pedicure this morning,for a treat. I think I’ll have the pedicure again but do my own manicure next time.I am afraid to do any housework with my nails newly painted! Shame. ☺️Hope you have better luck with finding a car this weekend,take care Margaret


    • Fab! What a nice treat. Its a good excuse for holding off on the housework! It’s a bit too hot for me too, but I do feel bad saying so.


  2. I always laugh at how when we’ve been so desperate for some warm sunshine we often end up having to shut it out. It’s a lovely feeling being able to cast off our jackets, for a few days at least.
    I hope you get sorted with your car. It must have been a disappointment for the original garage to have sold the one you wanted.
    Enjoy your time with your daughter. X


    • Yes, we’re never completely satisfied weather wise, are we? I like the casting-off of tights. Bare legs and toes feel nice. Thanks.


  3. Best wishes for your car hunt. I dislike shopping of any sort; I find it stressful But, sometimes, I can switch into ‘hunting’ mode and then it all becomes doable. HR – sounds quite stressful, it must be an interesting job.


    • I really don’t mind routine shopping but shopping for the ‘big’ stuff is something I find is inevitably stressful. HR is very varied and unpredictable! I might do a post on it!


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