Lazy Sunday Afternoon


After yesterday’s beautiful sunshine it’s been raining again. My delight that Spring had arrived was short-lived. Instead of an afternoon out looking at cars as planned, I turned to my old favourite activity and baked a cake. I used the honey & almond recipe from the recently mentioned Three ingredient baking book but this time I turned it into a five ingredient cake by adding almond extract and chopped glacé cherries. Very successful! It tasted like Bakewell tart without the pastry. Then I settled down to read the Sunday papers. And that was pretty much it until it was time for dinner. I’m not  often that lazy.

The trouble with lazy afternoons is that they don’t offer much scope for interesting observation or writing so I’ll tell you about something that happened yesterday afternoon instead. I’ve been thinking about replacing my car for a while. Past experience reminds me that whilst this seems a fun proposition before you actually start the process, the reality is that it can be a bit of a pain what with deciding what you want, tracking a suitable specimen down (it’s not going to be brand new so it gets a bit more difficult), and organising insurance to coincide with picking it up and driving it away.  To make it a little more complicated, I’m not trading in my existing car. It is a little newer and has fewer miles on the clock than my husband’s car so we’ve agreed that he will take it over, and instead I will trade in his car – so more insurance to re-jig.

Anyhow, we went to the local Vauxhall garage where I bought my current car from but found nothing on the forecourt that fitted my requirements. No-one came to talk to us so we went inside. The salesman didn’t look up as I approached and I was forced to speak first. His complete disinterest in my custom was so evident that we left shortly after. There had been no greeting, he hadn’t taken any bother to find out what I was looking for, hadn’t asked whether I was looking to trade-in. Not a single question. He didn’t even stand up which is surely just common courtesy.  It was just the first look at finding something to replace my existing car, but for all he knew, I might have been in the market for a brand new one there and then. I’ve identified some possibilities online and will resume the search with a little more vigour later in the week.

Tomorrow’s plans include the gym in the morning, coffee with gym friends, a bit of essential home admin, hair blow dried late afternoon and then Slimming World. With regard to the latter and the question you might ask, the answer is ….slowly, very slowly. 🙁



  1. Your Sunday afternoon sounds lovely! Just what a Sunday afternoon should be! That cake sounds wonderful, too! I dislike car shopping! I’ve held off on buying them until the last possible moment, sometimes waiting until almost too late! Hope you find the car you want without much difficulty.


    • No fun at all, Bless. Nice when you eventually get the new car though! I rather like lazy afternoons. I don’t get many of them.


    • Haven’t heard that, Margaret. I found a car this morning that I liked but it was 30 miles away, paid a (refundable) deposit to hold it until tomorrow when I could get there for a test drive and they rang back an hour later to say that it was sold! This is why I say that the process is no fun.


  2. Slowly with weight loss, is, I reckon, the way to go, as it means that you also maintain those losses. Says she who found that 1 stone of weight mysteriously disappeared!! (well, not really. I did do some things for that to happen…. but not much) And it is staying off. Yay!!


    • Losing weight slowly is fine, Ratnamurti , if it’s all downwards but mine drifts slowly up as well as down! Oh how wonderful to have a stone disappear without doing much – I fear I have to do a lot to make a pound disappear. Onward and downwards!!

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  3. We’ve had a bit of rain too but I gather the forecast for the coming week is really quite good so take heart!
    J x


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