Bargain day


It’s five days since I posted. I ask again – where does the time go?

It’s been a morning of unexpected bargains. After the gym I went to withdraw some money from the building society (I have to go to the dentist on Monday and the bill will be £130 – no bargain there). Whilst in town I popped into Roman where, a couple of weeks ago, I’d seen a top I liked, taken it to the counter and discovered that I’d left my bank card at home. I knew exactly where it was; I’d been using it for an online purchase and left it (as I have done on several occasions) next to the computer. I hadn’t made a special journey back to the store but, as I was there, I thought I’d see if they still had the top. They did, but now it had 25% off. First bargain of the day.

Sadly it’s the last day of trading for our local M&S. Always a ‘lower level’ branch, the company have decided that it’s not profitable enough. Apparently the people of the town haven’t been spending enough in there.Perhaps if they’d filled the women’s clothing section with the best they had to offer we’d have bought more. Unfortunately the racks have too often been filled with the unimaginative, garish leftovers with 70% off.  It’s not that I never found anything among these offerings but I hate stuffed-full sale racks and for the most part I’d still not have bought what was there even with 90% off!  The worst aspect of the closure is that we will lose the food hall. There will be nowhere in town (barring Farm Foods and I never go in there) to buy food and given that we have no Waitrose here either, I shall miss M&S greatly. Anyhow, I was talking bargains.  Some of the shelves were empty but there were several store cupboard items reduced by 50%. I bought lots of tins of tuna and salmon plus  a few other bits and pieces. Apparently all the freezer items had been similarly reduced but they’d almost all gone. No matter – I’d never have fitted them in my still-too-full freezer.

Finally, in Tesco I spent £42 but forgot to hand over my ‘£6 off a £40 shop’ voucher. I remembered just as I was leaving the checkout and asked the cashier if she was able to refund on it. She couldn’t but she told me that if I took it to customer services they would give me a gift card to the value …and they did.



  1. Oh, it’s such a good feeling when there is a discount on something you were going to buy anyway. Such a shame you will lose your local M & S. One of the stores we always depend on.
    I hope all goes well at the dentist tomorrow. X


    • Thanks for reminding me, Jules. I’d forgotten there for a moment. Haha. Yes, I will miss M&S


  2. What a shame your M&S is closing because even if their clothes are pretty abysmal for the most part (although I was pleased with the winter coat I bought there the year before last), the food is excellent. I have passed a Farm Foods place but I don’t think anything could persuade me to visit there, it looks (as spoken by Craig Revel Horwood), truly ghastly, Darling!
    Margaret P


    • M&S clothes are excellent when they are excellent! Unfortunately this isn’t oftenenoughbecause they seem determined to attract a younger customer base, which just isn’t going to happen. Even if they sold the most amazing styles, young people won’t go in there because they will not be seen to buy clothing from M&S. Too often they forget their loyal customers. It’s not to suggest that I never buy clothing…just that I would likely buy more if there was more that I liked! I have a winter coat too, from their Italian Collection and it’s great. Our nearest branch now is about 10 miles away and it is a HUGE one!


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