Easter Sunday activity

A 10

  • A lie-in whilst reading (one of the very best no-cost luxuries).
  • No need for make-up. I’m giving my skin a rest. Lots of moisturiser (re-applied in the afternoon) and the feeling that I’m doing my face some good.
  • A leisurely look at the Sunday papers and a browse through the cruise supplement.
  • A glass of chocolate milk shake which I love but very, very rarely allow myself (no Easter eggs so I feel justified in choosing this as my chocolate treat for Easter).
  • Vintage Roxy Music playing whilst I ironed. Back in the 1970s I saw the group three times and fell a little in love with Bryan Ferry. (My friend L is still in love with him and has met him personally, lucky lady). And then, more nostalgia courtesy of The Monkees!
  • Sewing done:
    • Three pairs of leggings shortened. I’ve tried them all – expensive and inexpensive. The very best were M&Co. But they changed the manufacturer and the lower leg was made slimmer so they were more like footless tights than leggings. Some brands have fabric that is too thick or too thin, and some go bobbly.   Now I find that the best all round value for fit, non-pill and cost are from Sainsburys; two pairs for £10; they’re even better than the more expensive ones that Salisbury’s sell! The only drawback is that they don’t offer a petite option so I have to shorten them by three inches.
    • Dress,  shortened sleeves to make three quarter length.
    • Evening jacket, replaced buttons.
    • Cuffs on jacket removed. Sleeves now three quarter length.
  • Photographed several items that I’ve been meaning for ages to sell on ebay.
  • Listed same on ebay.
  • Packed up my daughter-in-law’s beautiful wedding dress to donate to charity.
  • Made a meal plan for April which should reduce the freezer contents drastically (so long as I stop shopping)!
  • Prepared salmon salad for dinner. I don’t necessarily do a roast on Sundays.

With yesterday’s mammoth tidy up of bedroom drawers and dressing room sort-out, I’m feeling very satisfied with how I’ve so far spent this holiday weekend. Even though I don’t usually work on Mondays or Fridays it has felt like a real break because with the gym closed and no shopping, I’ve actually managed to accomplish several tasks that I’ve wanted to do for some time. Tomorrow I will be making some birthday cards, Nutella brownies and French onion soup.


  1. Oh, how can your daughter-in-law part with her wedding dress! I still have mine, such a wonderful memento of a happy day almost 54 years ago! Good for the charity but I hope she won’t miss her wedding gown (not that she’d be wearing it again, of course.)
    But a busy day for you yesterday, Eloise!
    Margaret P


    • She is not sentimental, Margaret and has been telling me for ages to ‘do something with it’. It’s been at my house for five and a half years. It’s me who has been holding off. It’s such a beautiful dress but she is adamant. I cut mine up (it was green, not a traditional wedding dress) and made a summer skirt!


    • I always insist that no-one buys me an Easter egg, then wish that I hadn’t said it. Daughter bought me a small one when I went to visit recently.


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