Easter ingredients


A Happy Easter to you all. Do you like our new hats? Haha, they were made for my little grandsons by their mummy as it was Easter bonnet day at nursery yesterday.

We will be having a very quiet Easter and I really do need that.  I seem to have hardly any time at home lately. There are drawers I want to tidy, bits of sewing to do, some greeting cards to make (I’ve reluctantly stopped making them to sell at the gym. I just don’t have the time to keep up with demand), and I want to read, write and try out a few new recipes. I’ve made a start on the latter this afternoon.

For the first time, I made soda bread. It was so simple – flour, buttermilk and baking soda. I don’t think I’ve ever bought buttermilk previously. Here is the bread before cooking, and after.



For our meal this evening, I toasted slices of the soda bread, and we ate it with sautéed onion and mixed mushrooms (shiitake and button) in a peppercorn sauce. It isn’t the prettiest dish but it was very tasty.



I’d better make some soup tomorrow so that we can use up some more of the bread.

Another first was a honey and almond cake. We’ve each just tried a piece and it’s ok, but a lesson for next time – make it more almondy!


Both the bread and cake recipes are from a new book – Three ingredient baking by Sarah Rainey. There’s a jar of Nutella in the cupboard ready for the Nutella brownies, and I like the look of the potato farles too. There’s a rather nice looking key lime pie and as for the lemon posset (which I absolutely love) served in pretty china cups … …. …. I deliberately didn’t buy double cream!!






  1. Love the Easter hats. Very creative. I have a vegetarian 3 ingredient recipe: 1 can of drained red lentils; 1 can of drained & chopped beetroot (already sliced, or baby pieces – whatever), & crumbled feta. Mix & serve. It was my plate that I’d take for vegetarian gatherings.


    • Sounds like my kind of food, Ratnamurti. I like salads that consist of interesting ingredients rather than lettuce, cucumber and tomato (boring). Lentils are very underrated. I use them to make a vegi cottage pie.


  2. Those hats are adorable – our grandson had something similar for their Easter Parade in his Reception class.
    Those recipes are nice and simple, just what I like! I like mushrooms and so might make something simple like this to have with toast. I sometimes buy a cheese bread from Waitrose, that’s nice toasted, too.
    Happy Easter to you and yours.
    Margaret P.


    • Happy Easter, Margaret. The mushrooms and peppercorn sauce were very good. I really like the soda bread, and so simple. I will definitely be making that again.


  3. I like those Easter hats! They’ll make cute table decorations, too. The soda bread and almond cake look good, too. I don’t think I’ve ever had soda bread! That 3 ingredient recipe book sounds good! My kind of baking! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter, Eloise.


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