Tiny trifles and cheesecakes

Margaret pointed out that on the photograph of my daughter’s hen party afternoon tea (previous post), the mini trifles couldn’t be seen. Here is a photograph (top picture) but actually, I see that they were mini cheesecakes. The trifles were for an earlier effort that I made for friends. I don’t have a photograph of them, but I do have one of the miniature tiramisus made for the same gathering (see bottom picture).

The little pastry tartlets in the bottom picture were bought ready made, but I mad the fillings. Similarly the macarons in the top picture were ready made.

Finding these photos has made me want to arrange another tea soon! Who will be the lucky guests, I wonder!



    • My hourly rate would be very low, Margaret! I’m not very quick at working. My daughter in law keeps telling me that I should make cakes for our local cafe (her friend owns it) but I worked out that I would probably earn about £1.50 an hour. Think I will have to stick with HR/Personnel. Thank you anyway.


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