Thursday procrastination


The yellow lilies are now an incredible 12 days old. These pink ones, mere youngsters at just a week, are similarly gorgeous.  I do love lilies.

I am procrastinating. I have a totally free day and thought last night that I would sit at the PC and force myself to write this damned epilogue. Well, I’m sitting here but that’s as far as it’s got.  After a bit of a lie in, I stripped the bed, put on the washing, had breakfast and skimmed through the newspaper. After that I looked at a couple of blogs I follow and now I’m typing this.  Oh hopeless me!

Just received a text from a friend who is trying to arrange a ladies’ light lunch for next week. I first typed ‘light ladies’ lunch’ but then realised that the ‘light’ would apply to the ladies and if that were so, then since I am not light (though I do have a great ability to ‘maintain’ at the weekly weigh-in), I would have to decline. Anyhow, I have, as requested,  provided details of my availability, limited though it is.  Shame the lunch wasn’t planned for today given that I’m free (and clearly not epilogue writing)!

Here’s where I am sitting, not at the precise moment I took the photograph obviously, but I’m here as I type. My office is a spare bedroom, not the tidiest room in the house, nor the most stylish but it’s a special place for me. It’s in this very spot that almost every word of my book has been written, and here that almost every word of my degree was achieved.


I need to do some ironing. I have some leggings that I want to shorten and there’s a card I want to make. I’d like to bake but there is currently enough cake to keep husband content for several days and the freezer can’t take another thing. There are a couple of things to check via online banking or I could investigate why the laptop which sits further along the long worktop that forms the desk is making an intermittent squeaking sound or I could stop this (see what I mean about procrastinating) and just get on with making a start with what I should really be doing.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

UPDATE – two hours later. First draft done!  The editing, honing and rewriting will take longer but at least I now have something to work on.


  1. That is amazing that you have been able to keep the lilies looking so fresh for so long! Those pink “Stargazer” lilies are lovely, aren’t they? Your office looks quite tidy to me! Glad to read that you have a first draft done! You weren’t procrastinating, at all – you were “processing” your thoughts and ideas and making use of that processing time to do other things in the meantime. 🙂


    • Haha, I shall save that description of procrastination fir future use! The yellow lilies are sadly now gone but the a stargazer are still going strong. That tiny corner of my office does not tell the whole story!


  2. Lovely flowers – however, I don’t like the very strong smell of lilies although I love white lilies. I once removed the stamens so they’d not stain the woodwork and so forth (or even the carpet if they fall on them) but without the bright orange stamens against the white, the lilies didn’t look anywhere near as attractive. It’s the juxtaposition of the orange and white that makes them look so wonderful.
    Lovely tidy work station. Mine is a tip compared with that!
    Well done on completing the first draft!!!!!!!!
    Margaret P


    • I have removed lily stamens in the past but, you’re right, they do lose their attractiveness. I had some gorgeous lilies in the garden. I never lift the bulbs but they come up year after year.


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