Two broken bones

Two broken bones – not mine, but just a short while after this photo (which I posted a couple of days ago) was taken, my poor daughter slipped over and broke her right wrist in two places. I guess we must be thankful for small mercies – she is left handed.


Neither her father or myself are left handed, and yet two of our three offspring are. Apparently when one parent is left handed, the chances of their children being so is around 50%. When neither parent is, that possibility shrinks to just 2%.  For two right handed parents to produce two left handed children is highly unusual. I always knew my children were amazing! 

Whilst I never insisted that my children do things with their right hand (as they did in Victorian times by tying the left hand behind the back or rapping knuckles with a ruler), neither did I make concessions to left-handedness. I never bought special scissors or cutlery, or allowed them to eat with their knives and forks in the wrong hands as some left-handers do.  It seemed no hardship for them, they simply got on with doing things the way they were shown but with the ‘other’ hand. My son played cricket and still plays guitar right handed after being taught by right handed people.  

It is thought that in left-handers the right side of the brain will dominate. Since this is the side which controls imagination and creativity, it’s not surprising that they are reputed to tend towards being artistic. It’s certainly the case with my son, though less obvious in my daughter. 

Have you heard the term ‘southpaw’ applied to left-handers?  I have used it jokingly when talking to my children but had no idea what it meant. Now I know: it comes from the baseball arrangement where is placed in the diamond facing  east to avoid the afternoon sun. A pitcher who is left handed will have his pitching arm, therefore, towards the south – hence southpaw. Since I have no understanding of basketball rules, I’ll have to believe what I read – ( 

So, my little southpaw, if you’re reading this, I hope you will be feeling much better soon X


  1. I’m so sorry to learn your daughter has some broken bones, may they heal quickly.
    Husband is left handed. However, he’s not totally left-handed, only when he uses one hand, for example he will hold a tennis racquet in his left hand, but if he plays golf he is right-handed, he doesn’t require a set of left-handed clubs. When he eats, he holds his knife and fork as right-handed people do, knife in the right, fork in the left, but when he holds only a spoon, say for a dessert, then he holds that in his left hand. Odd, or what?
    Margaret P


    • Odd indeed, Margaret. Just asked my son which hand he uses for a spoon and he tells me
      his left, but he uses scissors in his right hand!


  2. As a “southpaw”, I can say that your explanation is correct. – it is a term used in baseball My uncle and 1 nephew are also lefties so it seems to pop up once in a generation within my immediate family. I do many things “right handed” just because that’s the way things work. It was a challenge a couple of years back when I had shoulder surgery – and naturally it had to be my left arm!
    I hope you daughter recovers quickly – you have had quite the winter over there – hope it eases up soon.


    • Yes, it’s been quite a cold snowy winter, though nowhere near as bad as 2010, and I’m sure nowhere near as bad as they can be in Canada! I rather like the term ‘southpaw’ but confess to having not considered where it came Tom until ai wrote this post. Shoulder surgery sounds horrible. I hope the end result made it worthwhile.


  3. Sorry read about your daughter’s wrist. Good thing, indeed, that she’s left handed. Still, I hope she’s not in a lot of pain and that she is able to manage. Too bad you’ve already left; otherwise you would have been there to take care of her.


  4. I know how your daughter must be feeling as I also had a fall about 5 weeks ago, on black ice, and fractured my humerus bone which is still very painful and will take some months to heal. The annoying bit is I cannot drive for a while. Hope she keeps safe and warm during this latest cold spell.


    • Oh you poor thing, Teresa. I do hope you are less uncomfortable very soon. That’s a very awkward place to have a fracture.


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