Sunday snippets

Flowers from son and family one week old today and only just opened but definitely worth the wait.


It snowed AGAIN last night, and not just a sprinkle this time. It’s not awful, but I wouldn’t want to drive in it and I’m glad that I wasn’t coming home from daughter’s today. It’s gone  a lot colder too – the wind is howling down the chimney. Fortunately we hadn’t planned on going anywhere. I should have been writing – that epilogue remains no more than a title but I just couldn’t face sitting at the computer not knowing what to type. I have to sort this out!

It felt like a cooking morning but I was limited as to what I could do because I have no room in the freezer. When do I ever have room in the freezer? The thing is, I like to cook/bake so I fill it up and. Then next time I get the domestic goddess urge, I’m stumped! I made a caramel cake. I’ve had a jar of caramel flavour hot chocolate in the cupboard for some time now. Granddaughter chose it when we were shopping but neither of us was keen on the taste so it’s languished unused for several months. You’ll already know that I hate waste….almost as much as I hate snow! I added 6 teaspoons to a basic sponge mixture, and another 4 to icing sugar. The attempted swirly pattern on top looks a bit messy but I’m sure husband won’t complain.


Whilst it was in the oven I decided to make cookies as I recently found a recipe that sounded nice.  Thank goodness I’m used to improvising….. I didn’t have the required prunes so I used dates. 2tbsp of  wheat bran was called for but that’s not something that I buy so I used porridge oats instead, and there is no way that I’m going to buy a tub of cream cheese just to take 2tbsp out of it. I substituted thick Greek yogurt which I always have in. Walnuts are something I always have so no problem there. The other ingredients were standard – flour, eggs and fat. It’s Slimming World weigh day tomorrow so I’ve just had a little taste but Oh Yum! They were, as cookies tend to be, rather splodgy in shape which matters not one jot, but then I had an idea. I used a star shaped cookie cutter whilst they were still soft. To the trimmings I added a few chopped glacé cherries and extra nuts.  I’ll buy some tiny marshmallows and make rocky road bites for when my son and grandson visit on Wednesday.


There were a few cherry tomatoes  and a green pepper in the fridge which needed using so I made a black bean sauce and a tomato and basil sauce and froze them (a bit of wiggling around and I just managed to squeeze them in). They’ll do  to add to chicken in due course


I also made a chicken dish ready for this evening – red pepper, leeks, a sauce made with cornflour, wine, garlic and ginger and chopped chicken but forgot to take a photo. Youll note that I skipped swiftly past the mention of Slimming World. My plan was to lose 9lb through the 9 weeks of February and March. Make that 2lb….if I’m lucky. Oh it’s such an effort. 🙁

Finally, it’s a good job I left my daughter’s when I did. She sent this picture of the lane this morning. It’s a better picture than the one I posted yesterday!





    • You are very kind, Ratnamurti. I’m afraid I would fail any cooking competition on presentation, though it usually tastes ok!


  1. Lovely flowers and lovely food, Eloise! I like the idea of caramel flavour hot chocolate although I’ve never tasted it, but ideal for a cake! Our freezer in the kitchen (part of fridge/freezer) is full but the one in the garage, which we can’t access yet because of snow, needs filling now, so as soon as the snow allows us access without slipping and sliding, I will be on the case …
    Margaret P


  2. Such beautiful flowers. They’ve lasted well.
    All your cooking looks delicious. I need to get busy in the kitchen once more. I haven’t done very much since being ill.
    I’m glad you managed to return home before the snow arrived. X


  3. You have been busy. All your cooking looks very tempting.
    We have had about 4″ of snow here. Hopefully it will be gone tomorow and no schools will be closed. I have cooked roast lamb for dinner today and put one up for my 91 year old mother- in-law so I shall be out on the road tomorow to deliver it.
    Iam hoping the roads will he ok by the time I go.


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