Another day in Shropshire


Despite the promise of more snow today we awoke yesterday to a gloriously sunny spring morning.  Not that you’d think so from the photograph but it’s the best of a poor bunch. We were up, breakfasted and out walking Luca along the winding lanes that meander higgledy-piggledy up and down hills soon after 9am. I realise that for some readers this is not an early start but bear in mind that I was viewing this as a short holiday,  thus expecting a leisurely lie-in!

Back home daughter introduced me to Alexa. In case you missed the television adverts Alexa is an interactive device that responds to verbal commands. Daughter tells me that ‘she ‘ answers questions such as what the weather forecast is for a certain area, gives the news headlines for the day (or historic ones if required) and plays radio  stations as instructed. There’s a lot more to her talents but I’d lost interest by then but I soon got the hang of asking her to change Virgin radio to Smooth each time daughter left the room! Alexa is a bit gimmicky for me so I’ll not be buying one.

Lunch was eaten at The Novello Lounge In Telford, a quirky place of clashing styles and excellent bistro-style food. The ‘Superfood salad’ open sandwich (served on ciabatta) with goats cheese did not disappoint.


After lunch I was telling daughter that I’d seen  trailer for the new Peter Rabbit animated film. Did she remember the Beatrix Potter books I used to read to her when she was a little girl, I asked her. She did, of course, and we spoke animatedly about her favourite characters, Peter himself, Apply Dapply and Pigling Bland. “Oh, I’d love to see the film,” she said.

3 P Rabbit

Now she might have been (half) joking but I said that I would too. We popped home to let Luca out and then… … …yes, we went to the matinee showing, but only after we’d bought some sweets to take with us including Parma violets. Remember them?

We had a fab time. Have you been to the cinema lately? You probably have so will be amused at my surprise … leather recliner seats with a foot rest and our own little table. I’d no idea since I’ve not been to the cinema in ages. We treated ourselves to hot chocolate to go with the sweets (what an indulgence! Back to the diet today). It was like being out with my little girl again.

In the evening I’d planned to look through Delicious Magazine which she had bought for me (two magazines in two days – unheard of; I usually pick them up from the gym for a small donation, returning them once read)  but it was a little difficult as I spent the time pinned to the sofa by Luca who had decided that I was pretty much an expert in the tummy-tickling department.

After yesterday’s lovely spring morning we found that it had snowed during the night – only lightly but with more, plus high winds promised, I decided to come home early. The snow blew around on the way home but nothing much materialised. The wind however was quite scary at times and it had clearly made its mark in the night as I came across several large tree branches, and one small entire tree, in the road.

Now I’m off to prepare a VERY light lunch.







  1. Ah, Peter Rabbit! I can remember reading those books to my younger brother and sister and then to my children. The last film I saw was Paddington 2. I thought it was brilliant!


  2. Oh, I loved Beatrix Potter! I still have all the books from childhood. I loved Apply Dapply! As I write this, I am watching Luke Nguyen’s tour of UK. Have you heard of him? He is a Vietnamese Australian chef. This episode is him in the beautiful Lake District and showed Beatrix Potter’s house. I remember going there a long time ago. I went to the Lake District last year, but only Keswick. I would like to see the Peter Rabbit film.


    • I have certainly heard the name Luke Nguyen but don’t know of him. The Lake District is beautiful; we get up there most years for a few days. Derwentwater (keswick) is one of my favourite lakes, the other being Rydal Water close to Ambleside. Several of my children’s Beatrix Potter books are still at my house and I’ve read them to the grandchildren. Timeless!


  3. Looks like you are having a lovely time with your dear daughter. My daughter took me (and my grandson) to see Peter Rabbit and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie! My son bought Alexa for us last year and she’s fun to listen to. We actually have two Alexas; one on the Amazon Firestick TV and the Amazon dot. Pretty soon my home will be so wired that my husband and I won’t know what to do! Enjoy your weekend, Pat


    • Haha Pat, I have no idea what either fire sticks or dots are. My daughter will be horrified that I am admitting such a thing! It’s month at I have never embraced technology….I am a very competent user of Computer software packages especially Excel (spreadsheets) and PowerPoint presentations. But I tend towards a ‘need to know’ philosophy. Had a lovely time thank you. Glad you liked the film too!


  4. We’ve not been to a multiplex cinema with those leather recliner chairs but I did know of them. But I might go to sleep in one of those … but there again, with the noise levels in cinemas these days, perhaps not!
    Oh, parma violets, love them!
    And what a lovely lunch!
    No, I don’t think I want an Alexa chatting to me. I’ve enough with husband, ha ha!
    Peter Rabbit sounds lovely. I’ve heard that Paddington 2 is excellent, too.
    Margaret P


  5. The superfood salad looks so delicious. I would eat like that every day if someone was willing to prepare it for me.
    It sounds like you spent a lovely day. I’ve seen the trailers for the film and it does look funny. Sadly, Lily will not sit still long enough for us to go to the cinema yet. X


    • Oh, I would eat like that too, Jules. It was soooo nice! I’d already decided that the grandchildren were too young to sit through the film or too ‘grown up’ to agree to accompany me!


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