Shropshire sojourn

I’m visiting my daughter for a few days, getting reacquainted with lovely Luca the dog and the cats, Viktor, Willis and Austin. I forgot to bring (actually forgot to make)  the fruit cake I’d promised! Oh dear.

The journey to Shropshire is not without its frustrations. There are more changes of speed limit en route than I’ve encountered anywhere else in the country, and I’ve travelled a good deal of it, driving many thousands of miles year on year during my working life. In one particular stretch of road the limit changes eleven times within a couple of miles. Now maybe I have this wrong but I thought that the primary purpose of speed limits was safety. Having  fallen foul of these varying limits on TWO occasions recently I find that I am concentrating more on the speedometer than I am at the road ahead…surely not the idea. In one particularly notorious stretch, the speed limit changes from 30 to 40 to 50 and back to 40 in less than 200 yards. In another spot, unbelievably, a single post sports two signs….a 30 AND a 40!! Unfortunately it’s not feasible to take a photograph when driving, nor is there anywhere to stop, but I kid you not.

Daughter cooked sticky honey and mustard vegi sausages with smoked salt.They were delicious. The strange looking oblong things are pitta slices and underneath the potatoes are slices of caramelised onion.


On the way here I stopped off in Bridgenorth (a little town of which I’m really fond) and bought a few bits and pieces including daffodils and walnut whips for daughter (such sophistication) and a copy of the latest Good Housekeeping which had a little ‘Recipe and home ideas’ booklet with it. I love this idea – a floating flower centrepiece for the table.


It’s a definite for the next Ladies Dining Group lunch in April. In case you’ve not seen me mention this before, the LDG is a group of six ladies who get together a few times a year for food and chat. Our lunches (either prepared by one of us or at a local pub) last for around five hours whilst we put the world to rights. The group has an interesting dynamic with a variety of careers and home circumstances. It came about when one of the women who knew the other five of us invited us all for a meal several years ago. Each of us knew at least two of the others but now the rest are friends too.

This is probably the last time I’ll stay in daughter’s little 1850’s cottage. They’ve just sold it and are off to a larger, more modern house about half a mile away from where they are now.





  1. How pleasant to spend time with your dear daughter. That food looks amazing! I’m sure they’re excited for their new home. Have a wonderful weekend. Pat


    • No, I haven’t moved Ratnamurti. My daughter lives in the lovely county of Shropshire so I have been to stay for a couple of days.
      I wouldn’t like to have no internet for a month – how did we used to live without it?!


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