Weekend arrangements

It’s been an unremarkable weekend but filled with family, friends and food it’s been a good one. The photograph below has nothing to do with this post but I love the delicate snowdrops and wanted to post a picture before they are over. There are several clumps scattered over the rockery.


Friday morning – 9.30am: the gym. I love going to the gym, but hasten to add that this is because I meet up with friends rather than because of the exercise!  The circuit takes 30 minutes and then it’s off to the coffee room for an hour and a half. As you can see, we have our priorities right!

Later husband and I met up with our friends K & M who we see about once a month for lunch. Our usual haunt is a local pub that does a great range of food and is hugely popular so I’d booked a table. The menu changes a couple of times a year and since the latest change I have chosen the same dish every time…Posh fish & chips. It’s actually lemon sole and it tastes absolutely wonderful.  As we pass our friends’ house on the way to the pub we always pick them up and then return to theirs for coffee after our meal. It’s an arrangement that works well and the word ‘arrangement’ has become a euphemism for the chocolates that always accompany coffee. It came about when I texted K one day whilst he was in town. He replied that he was just sorting out the arrangements for that afternoon. It’s one of those silly little exchanges that mean nothing to anyone other than those involved. But isn’t that exactly how it is with good friends?

Later in the afternoon husband and I popped to Iceland as I wanted some ice cream for Sunday (granddaughters coming for lunch). Its located on a small retail park (about half a dozen shops) not far from home and it’s so much quicker to nip in there than go to the supermarket. I rarely went in there for years but have done a few times since our local branch was revamped late last year. It’s an altogether nicer experience now.

Saturday had been designated a writing day but I’d fallen badly behind with the ironing. My rule of ‘just five things’ (an attempt to fool myself into thinking that it’s barely an onerous task) had fallen so far from the wayside that it was over an hour before I sat at the computer. Even then, it wasn’t a very productive day. The last few thousand words of the novel are proving the most difficult by far.  I felt very frustrated as I typed and deleted over and over but the day brightened when my daughter popped in. She was over from Shropshire to take my eldest granddaughter shopping for a birthday treat. At thirteen she has very definite ideas about what she likes!

Younger son and family, including the soon-to-be-birthday girl, came for lunch today.    Don’t you find it unusual for a child  to say that one of their favourite vegetables is the sprout! We had a Christmas gift left-over of Harrod’s  Christmas pudding and brandy butter so that was used to provide one of the desserts. Since Husband and Daughter-in-Law are the only two who like either item, they were well catered for.  It was pronounced ‘very good’.


I’d made a fruit and nut cake (walnuts, hazelnuts,almonds, dates, sultanas and raisins) and some chocolate cookies. The latter were not terribly successful as they were slightly overdone and became a touch bitter, but husband doesn’t seem to mind them. Younger granddaughter, yet to learn the art of diplomacy, had a bite and said, “Yuck. It’s horrible.”

After lunch D.I.L. asked if she could look at some photos of when I was a young mum. I couldn’t believe that she’d never seen any, after all she’s been with my son for over fifteen years, but she was adamant. We spent a happy hour looking through the old albums. Funny that I only wrote about this very subject a couple of posts ago.

On Sunday evening I received a very heartening email.  A fellow blogger and friend who is a professional writer had offered to take a look at my book (ie manuscript yet to have a final edit) and to critique it. I had posted parts 1 & 2 (the third and final part will follow shortly) to her and was very touched that this lovely lady had taken the time to consider it in such detail. It was a detailed email with lots of fabulously constructive criticism that I can now consider. I lay awake last night re-working certain events in my head. Here are a few of the positive comments. You can imagine how very much I appreciate them:

To say I’ve enjoyed it is an understatement. I don’t wish to over-egg my praise, but I think what you have written is extremely good, and the more you wrote, the better your writing became.  

This is a very good story, and I just hope that some agent will see the quality of your writing.

It’s not often I stay awake at night reading something, but I did with this, and again this morning, I just had to finish it.  Surely that says it all?   

Comments like this from someone whose opinion I truly value makes the hard work worthwhile.


  1. Isn’t it fun to have grandchildren? Sounds like you had a wonderful, fun filled weekend. How nice of your writer friend to read your book. I’m excited for you. Pat xx


    • It’s wonderful to have grandchildren, Pat, but they exhaust me. I have to agree with a friend who says “love to see them, love to see them go!”


  2. That’s amazing that your book is so far along. What an achievement. To birth a longing to write something special and to keep going with it is wonderful.


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