Eating for two

I use the phrase not in the usually accepted sense, but to remind myself that I no longer cook for a family. Too often I shop and cook as though we are more than two. A great achievement yesterday – I went to the shop for carrots and I bought ONLY carrots! I am the typical ‘go in for one thing and come out with half a dozen’ kind of shopper but I am really trying to rein this in.

January began with a lot of Christmas leftovers which can occasionally make for an odd dish, though not quite as odd as the one my friend J concocted when she was about to go off on holiday for five weeks… …Yorkshire pudding with prawns! She says it was surprisingly tasty but I won’t be trying it.

A few of the things we’ve been eating this month – lots of non-meat dishes included.

A baked frittata made from mushrooms, bacon and Stilton cheese. Simply put the ingredients in a dish, cover with three beaten eggs and bake until firm. We ate it with salad and it was  very good. Another frittata was made with potato, tomato, celery, ham and feta cheese. Again, very flavoursome.

A spinach and potato curry. Although this was made up from a combination of recipes, I'[ve been inspired by a great recipe website Potatoes – more than a bit on the side:


It’s hard to make this kind of dish look really good. Why do my efforts (which taste absolutely fine) never look good in photographs? Here’s a similar one ready to cook. I added lots of onion this time and left out the peas.


Potato & white onion soup with crispy bacon and basil. This was so delicious that I made it again a few days later.


This stir fry topped with feta was lovely. red onion, red pepper, asparagus and courgette – lots of my favourite vegetables were used along with beansprouts and a few ripe tomatoes that needed using up.I used ginger and garlic with a few chilli flakes to give it a kick.

Bubble and squeak – it’s years since we ate it but served with some vegi sausages,  wholegrain mustard mash and some of the final batch of leeks from the garden, it was much enjoyed!

January cakes included coffee & walnut, apple & cherry and a lemon drizzle.  I also made a polenta and orange cake, trying to emulate one we ate in Madeira a couple of years ago. Mine was good but not as good as the Madeiran one. I think it’s to do with the oranges.



  1. Lots of delicious food, Eloise. I chuckled how you only bought carrots. As I live alone, I buy 1-2 carrots at a time. Being a solo cook, I definitely end up with vegetables needing to be used quick, so I make soup with them, and freeze the soup.


  2. Eye catching (watering?) title for a blog post! I’m trying to encourage my husband to eat less meat and I think the curry looks very appealing. Youngest son started uni in Sept & I’m just about getting used to a different shopping/cooking style. I can’t bear waste, if at all possible, so the freezer is invaluable. I do miss baking for my sons and their friends. It used to be my therapy, on a Saturday morning, when I was working.


    • I think for someone who enjoys baking/cooking, it is hard to adjust. I’ve had no children to cook for (apart from when they visit) for 13 years now and still I overdo it at times. I hate waste too, and save all kinds of bits in my freezer. they get used up in a variety of other meals, sometimes used just to ‘pad out’ other ingredients. I always feel very virtuous when I do that!

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  3. I’ve looked for the recipe on the potatoes website, for the potatoes and white onion soup, Eloise, but haven’t been able to find it. I presume it’s mainly potatoes and onion with the crispy bacon on top, added before serving, but if you can direct me to the recipe, the exact name, that would be great. Thanks.
    Margaret P


  4. You are creative. They all look delicious.
    I still forget I only have to shop for 2 but it’s good to have extra in for when one or more of the family drop in unexpected.


  5. All these dishes you created look so yummy! I’m going to give the potato spinach curry a try. I too cook for two and sometimes I run out of ideas. Thank you for sharing some great recipes! Pat


  6. I think the curry looks delicious. There are some tasty dishes there Eloise and I will definitely be looking to try the spinach and potato curry. I always cook far bigger portions than necessary, but the bonus is they can be reheated the following day and saves me from cooking. X


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