Precious memories


    • Lovely idea. I fear that future technology may concentrate on non-cd storage. Maybe it will take decades but I like the thought of my great grandchildren being able to look through old family photos and if there is no way of playing those CDs, the photos on them may be posrt forever.


  1. Old photos, albums of them, as well as some framed, were among the many items my parents disposed of when they emigrated. There simply wasn’t enough space in the 2 pieces of luggage we were each allowed. I have my mother’s photo album, my baby pictures, and the printed pictures of my daughter’s childhood, until her 16th birthday. Everything after that has been digital and we haven’t saved them.


    • I want my great, great grandchildren to be able to look through old family photos and they won’t be able to if I don’t get some printed. I have hundreds up until around 2012 and then almost nothing.


  2. I’ve not printed any photos for years, they’re all on my hard drive (albeit with back up.) But I have many thousands of photos on my computer and really, I should get some printed. Photos were special in the ‘old days’ before digital photography. It was quite expensive and if we had 8 or 12 prints back from the processing lab and they were all OK, we were very happy! I have drawers filled with coloured prints from about 1970 until I had my first digital camera, indeed, almost too many to wade though, but they are there should anyone care to look at them in the future. Not so since 2006 when I “went digital”, that’s 12 years of nothing printed.
    Margaret P


    • We have family photos almost a hundred years old. I wonder how many of our digital images will be accessible in another hundred years. I’m saddened to think that so many will be lost


  3. So true, Eloise. How lovely to find the stash of family photos and spend hours looking over them, with all of the comments you mentioned! My youngest’s father recently passed away and she asked for our photo boxes. She already had the albums. She spent hours going over the photos of her Dad, and talking about what was happening in each photo, and this was very healing for her. I do agree, facebook is fantastic, I love it when photos of wee great grandson are posted, but photos are something else.


    • When I visit family members who live away and don’t see very often, reminiscing over old photos is one of the best bits of the visit. Nothing quite like it.


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