A post about pants

A post about pants?

No, just joking, although after the success of my previous post it did occur to me that I might replicate that success if I concentrated on other items of underwear. The thing is though, pants just don’t cause as many, if any, problems. Thank goodness they don’t come in cup sizes for bottoms! Or maybe they do and I just haven’t caught up yet. I’m aware that padded-posterior versions can now be bought. What’s all that about? Whatever happened to, ‘does my bum look big in this?’ Goodness, it’s beginning to sound as if it really is a post about pants.

Moving on … this post is actually about mobile phones. I’ve written about my ancient mobile before https://thisissixty.blog/2017/06/13/not-very-smart/  and mentioned that I had no desire to replace it. I still don’t but sadly I have had to. Despite a replacement battery (which had probably been sitting on the shop’s shelf for the past ten years since it is not a type found in more modern mobiles), it needed charging up twice a day. Add to this that the worn buttons were not always responsive and that it randomly refused to open messages (the only way to read them was to press the ‘forward’ button and resend them to myself). To be honest the signs had been there for sometime but I’d been closing my mind to the fact that our relationship was over.

In choosing a replacement  what I definitely did NOT want was anything that connected to the internet. I have no interest in being able to access Messenger, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instragram, Snapchat, Pinterest or Twitter. I don’t even know how half of them work. Why do we need so many methods of communication? I don’t want to be tempted to read emails when I’m out shopping or at lunch with friends. If it’s that important people can text or phone me…yes, actually speak to me! Otherwise I have a desk top, a lap top and an i.pad so I can access emails easily from home.

I decided on the supposedly simple new Nokia 3310. The original version of this phone was introduced around 18 years ago and 126million were sold. I actually owned one. It  seemed that a new one of these would suit my needs. Simple? Ha! The man in Carphone Warehouse said I needed to contact my provider to ask for a new adjustable sim-card. It wasn’t a case of just swapping my old one to the new phone because (surprise, surprise) it was too old a design. New sim-card duly arrived. I’m now going to cut a very long story short because, believe me, my frustration will not make pleasant reading.

In a nutshell, the directions for using the 3310 are APPALLING.  For example, (and this is only one problem among several), nowhere do they tell me how to turn the sound to silent. Truly, there is nothing.  The 3310 website help page is equally useless. For example, it shows a picture of the menu screen (so far, so good) then tells you to select ‘call settings’ but among the choice of things to select, there isn’t one called ‘call settings’!  A return visit to Carphone Warehouse didn’t help so husband contacted Nokia who told us how to do it (and a few other things I needed to know, but why don’t the user instructions include these things)?

I suppose I’ll get used to it but right now I’m grieving. I want my old friend back. I don’t like this new one.





  1. I can understand exactly how you feel. My son calls me a “tech dinosaur” because I don’t like to change and keep up with with the latest in technology. But, as to my phone, it’s become my “office” wherever I am when traveling. In the meantime, I speak to my children all day long via text messaging. I know, it’s too much, isn’t it? My son just bought me a new phone that needs my fingerprint to open it. It was a bit of a hassle to get used to this but I’m trying to get along. It’s such a different world out there now with the internet and cell phones. I wish you all the best in getting used to your new phone. Regards, Pat 🙂


    • If you’re using fingertip technology, Pat, you are certainly not a techno dinosaur! I like texts to keep in touch with my children; they are great for when you just want to say Hi or ask if everything is ok, especially when you know they’re busy.


  2. I truly dread the day when my ancient mobile packs up. It was a present for my 65th birthday and I’ve had my 73rd … so the phone will be nine years old this year. I only want to be able to use it as a phone and text people. Just like you, I don’t want anything else.
    My husband has an even older phone than mine, like you a hand-me-down from elder son when he upgraded (he’s upgraded many times since!) But while our phones work, we won’t he changing them any time soon. They are pay as you go and are nice and simple although mine has a touch screen and that is sometimes problematic.
    Margaret P


    • I specifically didn’t want a touch screen. Tried my daughters a while ago and didn’t get on with it. I like buttons! My old phone dated from 2007. I woke up in the night and the first thing I thought of was my old phone!!


  3. I’m sure you’ll soon get used to it.
    I find anything new (technology wise) can be confusing and by the time I’ve eventually got it figured out I need a new one! X


  4. Cellphones are an issue sometimes. I have kept my old and first, smartphone, with half of my sim card in, “just in case”. I kept complaining that it would get very hot whenever I use it, and, they got recalled. I think some caught on fire. Then I got given a second hand iphone which just up and died one day, losing all my contacts. Now I have another second hand iphone which works just great. The iphones were from family members who upgraded. But… and this is a bit of an issue for me… disposing of phones and pads and computers is not easy. I need to find out the people who take them, somewhere in my city.


    • I think disposal is an international problem. We keep creating these problems for ourselves, don’t we? I guess I will get used to the new phone.


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