The Fairy Trail (and a lot of grandchildren)

The day began with me picking up eldest grandson (aged 11) at 9am and the two of us getting the train to Four Oaks. We were picked up at the station by the two younger grandsons (15 months and 2.5 years) and their mummy and taken to and taken to their home. There wasn’t room for daddy to come too! After a really good lunch of chicken and avocado salad (they know how I’m really trying for another loss at Slimming World on Monday), Mummy, the babies and myself took a trip out to the garden centre where we fed the ducks and the fish.

In a natural, rustic setting, the garden centre’s pond is home to an array of wildlife…and more!  After a short walk we happened upon the magical fairy trail. In truth I knew it was there because I’d been told but I had to express surprise. It’s the sort of thing expected of a nanny.  Hidden among the nooks and crannies of woodland is fairyland in miniature.  And it’s not just fairies; we saw trolls and unicorns, mermaids and gnomes.

The hidden village was my favourite. Sitting in a small clearing under the trees are numerous little houses and figures.


Aimed at very young children, there is no charge for entry  and a great deal of trust is invested in visitors as many of the pieces are close enough to touch, so it’s a great shame that the fairy trail was recently vandalised and it looks as though repair work is still being carried out in places.

The Wishing Tree is strung with lines of tiny notes written by children.


“Hungry now, Nanny. Shall go cafe?” [sic] said the little chap who had finished a bacon sandwich only an hour earlier.  We did, and I’m pleased to say that I did not indulge in the biscuits or carrot cake that was enjoyed by the others. Believe me, I so wanted to! Coffee had to suffice.

Later we returned to collect eldest grandson and catch the train home. Once there, I had just enough time for a bite to eat and a brief look at the newspaper when youngest granddaughter (7) arrived for a sleepover as her mum and dad are out for the evening. Later on Husband will be picking up her elder sister (13) from a party and she’ll join in with the sleepover.  I’m now being called upon to play ‘Barbies’ so time to sign off.

Loved to distraction they most certainly are but grandchildren are very tiring creatures. I shall sleep well tonight!



  1. That was a very full day with all the grandchildren to keep you occupied! Hope you got to rest up after that! I loved the Fairy Trail! Sorry to read that it was vandalized. 😦


  2. Oh, my little grandson would love that place, it’s enchanting! We have the Model Village at Babbacombe, but Fairly Trail would be even better for really little ones. Love it!
    Margaret P


  3. Looks like you had the most perfect day with your adorable grandchildren! This place reminds me of an enchanted wonderland. My little grandson would love to go to someplace like this. I hope you have a wonderful, fun filled week. Pat xx


    • Thank you Pat. Just the place to take little ones. Lots of space to run around too (once you’re away from the pond!)


  4. Glad you enjoyed the fairy trail. It is lovely for the little ones. Their older cousins ( 5 & 8) love it too.
    You are having a very busy day. I expect you will have a well deserved good nights sleep.


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