Quiet Friday

Dawned the day and it was DULL. Early on it had rained heavily so it was very damp too. No one was in a hurry to get up and when we did no one felt very inclined to go out. Luca was therefore promised an extra long walk later and gently pushed out into the garden but even he wanted a lazy morning and spent most of it lying along the back of the sofa on the blanket I crocheted for daughter, not for the dog!


Later, when the rain had stopped we visited a garden centre close to Shrewsbury where the cafe (grandly referred to as a restaurant) offers mouthwatering cherry scones. We’ve indulged previously and today repeated the experience. There were some excellent bargains on Christmas decorations and other Christmassy goods but I just can’t get very excited about it all in January. Nevertheless, I bought a half price jar of brandy butter for Husband (we still have an unopened Christmas pudding) and a jar of smokey salsa similarly discounted. And then we came home . After Luca got his promised walk  we then spent the rest of the afternoon very quietly in front of the fire.


I read and watched television snuggled up on the sofa with Willis, one of the cats (did I mention that daughter also has three cats?) whilst she did a bit of marking. Although on annual leave from her main job, she also does online tutoring for The Open University.

Below are Viktor (white), Willis and Austin (black).


We had a lovely roast for dinner (she’s not a bad cook, my girl) and now we’re about to settle down and watch ‘A street cat named Bob’. It’s been a lovely couple of days.

Postscript: What an absolutely brilliant film!





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  2. Luca is such a handsome fellow! I’ve never understood why black dogs and cats are generally overlooked at rescue centres. Perhaps it’s still linked to myth & superstition? Are the cats rescue cats too?


    • Yes, all the cats were rescue ones too. Two from The Cats’ Protection League (I think) and Austin, the black one was rescued by me! I was looking after my granddaughters at their house whilst my son and his wife were away. Austin turned up absolutely starving so I took him in. I’ve never seen an animal eat so quickly. He was tiny (according to the vet around 4 or 5 months old). We put up posters all around the area, and notices on Facebook but no-one came forward. Son and d.i.l didn’t really want another as they already had a cat, a dog and two children so my daughter had him.
      Luca has a lovely nature. It made me very upset when I heard how badly treated he’d been. He is very wary of new people but soon decides whether he likes them. He’s just over a year old now.


  3. Dogs always find the best colours to drape themselves on. Our old Norwegian Elkhound loved to lie on our scarlet leather sofa. The Collie (think Lassie colours) loves to lie on our wood floors which are dark brown!

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  4. It sounds like a lovely and relaxing way to spend your day, Luca too. He’s gorgeous! Enjoy your film. Lily has the children’s version of the book and we read it often. Such a sweet tale. X


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