Daughter, dog and lunch out

Leaving Husband at home, I set off shortly after 9 o’clock this morning to drive to Shropshire.


With only one day at work this week, I’m now free until Monday am staying for a couple of days with my daughter. It’s been an opportunity to meet Luca, the recently acquired, one year old, rescue dog and I must say, he seemed very pleased to make my acquaintance! He has the sleekest, most shiney black coat of any dog I’ve ever seen encountered.

After unloading my luggage (“you don’t travel light, do you, Mum?”) and  a cup of coffee we drove into Telford where first stop was Primark for a cheap pair of slippers. I was annoyed to realise that I’d forgotten to bring some with me as I have a couple of nice pairs,  but for £3, these fit the bill nicely. I will leave them here for next time.


With £70 worth of vouchers in my bag, I thought I might be treating myself but nothing took my fancy. I did buy a new eyebrow pencil but that was it. Then we had lunch in The Novello Lounge. It’s part of a chain, but fits the ‘quirky eating place’ bill that I like so much … sort of Victoriana meets bistro. I chose the ‘All day vegetarian breakfast’ which features halloumi and sweet corn fritters. Very tasty!


Afterwards we called in at a local retail park as I wanted to buy some baby clothing from Gap ready to gift to a friend’s daughter.  Back at daughter’s house, Luca greeted us enthusiastically. He then curled up next to me and lay still whilst I stroked his tummy.  Yes, we’ve become firm friends, which meant that I was invited along for his afternoon walk along the canalside. Here he is with My daughter.

Fortunately she works from home most of the time but on days she is away, Luca goes to Doggy daycare which he apparently loves! He’s also taken on ‘socialisation’ walks where he learns to get along with other dogs.  Given his horribly poor start in life,   I think Luca is a very lucky boy to have been chosen by such loving ‘parents’.




    • I have taken a much better photo today which I will load up when WordPress starts playing nicely! It won’t let me load today at all. I just mentioned the brownie points! Daughter says thank you! He does have a few issues in being over exuberant but she says it’s because he is so happy at being loved after being treated badly. He’s learning to be better behaved though.

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  1. What a coincidence! This morning we had to visit our accountant and her office is situated close to an industrial site which itself is close to the council tip (sorry, re-cycling centre!) and on the way we passed what was called a “Doggy Day Care Centre”. I thought, “My goodness, a day care centre not for old people or the handicapped [can we say ‘handicapped’ now?] but for dogs!” I’d not seen one before, and now you say that Luca goes to one when your daughter is working! How amazing is that!
    But what a lovely time you have had and what a bargain those slippers are. I don’t possess a pair of slippers, I wear socks around the house and could really do with a pair of slippers but whenever I look for some they always look so awful that I shudder and think a pair of socks will do! Had I seen those at £3 I might’ve been tempted, too.
    Margaret P


    • Oh I love my slippers, Margaret. I usually buy ones by a company called Silentnight, available from shoe shops rather than a department store. They are velvety and in the style of ballet pumps. The Primark ones are rather nice though. How funny about the doggy day care. It seems a great facility….agility classes, behaviour sessions, socialisation and afternoon rest time!! Apparently Luca gets very excited when they arrive. On their birthdays the dogs get a “wuffin”, a dog-suitable muffin!


    • Absolutely, Pat! She will occasionally take a day or two off work so that I get her to myself for a little while. We don’t necessarily do anything special…just have that time together. I love it. Luca has such velvety ears! I think he’s very pleased that I like to rub them!


    • They are actually very comfortable, Bless. I hadn’t expected much from them as they were very cheap, but yes, they’re warm too.


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