Raindrops and Raspberries

A Happy New Year you all. I do hope that you will be joining me often in 2018.

It’s the last day of my thirteen day Christmas break … not a nice feeling. We cleared away the Christmas decorations this morning and so, despite the fact that I don’t  put a great many out, the place is looking a little bare. I gained 3lb at Slimming World last night, not the worst gain of the group by any means, but something to sigh about, nevertheless. Outside it’s a rainy, grey day. Come March, we can at least look forward to spring but right now that seems an awfully long way off.

However, it is our wedding anniversary. We went out for lunch and I ate delicious lemon sole so that made it somewhat better. We had intended going further afield but given the dismal weather and the fact that Husband isn’t feeling great as he has a cough (the first I can ever recall him having) and cold, we stayed local. I don’t like this time of year.

BUT ……  there are many things in my life for which I am grateful which include my lovely family, great friends, general good health and a warm and comfortable home. Oh, and raspberries; I have an abundance of raspberries.

Son and grandson are coming for tea tomorrow so I made raspberry jelly


And raspberry & apple crumble (with an extra one for my brother)


And raspberry brownies. They are inclined to sink where the raspberries are, but they taste amazing! I say this only from past experience … that 3lb has to be gone by next Monday’s weigh-in!


Best of all – I still have TEN 250g boxes left!  I just popped into Tesco to buy some flowers as a gift and there they were – a huge cage of them were being reduced. There must have been a couple of hundred boxes there! The shop was almost empty and not a single customer was looking at them…just me! From £3.25 to 32p.  Whoopee!


  1. Happy anniversary! And what a good deal on the raspberries! Enjoy eating them. Sorry you gained 3 lbs., but I am sure you’ll be able to take them off.


  2. Belated anniversary wishes.
    I love raspberries much more than strawberries, you made some lovely things with them, fantastic bargain.


  3. If you have gained 3lbs I dread to think what I have gained over Christmas, Eloise!
    The raspberry dishes look wonderful – I love raspberries far more than strawberries!
    Margaret P


  4. Happy Anniversary and a very Happy New Year to you too. A new follow from me so I’m looking forward to reading more in 2018.
    I’m keeping away from the scales for now. Enjoy your family tea tomorrow. The raspberry jelly looks delicious. X


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