Christmas break, Christmas cake


Nativity scene made by my son years ago.

I won’t be posting for the next couple of days as I’ll be a little tied up!  I spent much of yesterday cooking (some to eat and some to freeze) and preparing for guests.  We’ve spent an almost-Christmas evening with the same four friends many times and it’s always enjoyable. Supper is served buffet style and the drink flows. It was after midnight when they left … so a later night than I’m used to nowadays. I slept like a log.

My Christmas cake, lighter than a conventional one,  was made using the apple cake recipe that I’ve been using for years, but now topped with icing, glacé cherries, walnuts and almonds. Whilst I was at it I made a lemon & lime drizzle cake and froze it for later.

imageAt this time of year Magazines are full of recipes for leftover turkey. I never have any left over because by the time we’ve made Christmas night sandwiches it’s all used up. (What better than turkey and stuffing sandwiches with pickled onions on the side? Yum yum….one of the best Christmas traditions).  This year I deliberately bought an extra crown which I cooked and sliced and covered in peppercorn sauce and mushrooms. I now have several portions ready for use over the next few weeks.  I do find we have all kinds of  other leftovers though but I never waste anything. I like the challenge of creating meals from odds and ends!

At Slimming World this morning I’d gained half a pound. Without last night’s revelries I reckon that it would have been a half pound lost. After SW I got my hair done and then we’re off to visit friends this afternoon. This will be the 29th or 30th consecutive year (we’re not sure). We’ll exchange presents and drink wine and wonder where the last year has gone. Then, once home I’ll be preparing for tomorrow.

So that’s it for a couple of days. I wish you all a very merry Christmas indeed.



  1. what an amazing cake! Says she who has never, ever, made a Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, trifle, nor pavlova. Trifle and pavlova used to be de riguer in New Zealand at Christmas. Sending you belated best wishes.


    • Thank you Ratnamurti. I hope you are enjoying Christmas. Trifle is considered a bit old fashioned nowadays but we like it. My husband makes pear and amaretto one using a Mary Berry recipe. Do you know of Mary Berry? She is (now) a celebrity cook who has made a comeback in recent years.


  2. The cake looks delicious, perhaps you caould share the recipe some time. Merry Christmas to you and your family and thank you for taking the time to write your blog


  3. That’s a very special Nativity set! Wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas, Eloise. Enjoy this time of celebrating with family and friends. Happy new year, too.


    • A large slice …all yours, Margaret! I put a large slug of amaretto in it and though I say it myself, it does taste rather nice. Of course, I have eaten only a tiny slice! Happy Christmas.


    • Haha, thank you Friend. The company was very good and I shall be referring to ‘arrangements’ in a future space!


    • Haha, we do all ram ble somewhat, don’t we? If anyone doesn’t like our ramblings they only need to ‘change channels’! Enjoy.


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