Continued … a post about blogging

Following on from my recent (apparently well received judging by the comments left) post, I’m going to write a little about some of the other blogs I like to read. Links can be found on the right hand side of this page.

Simple Living 31 is hosted by Marlene who, like Jane at Shoestring Cottage loves a bargain and is kind enough to share her information about where to find them. Marlene’s blog has an added dimension though – she posts some fabulous photographs of birds, particularly those that visit her garden. I don’t know how she does it – visitors to mine are few and far between. It’s not like we have a cat or any other predatory resident. We even have a lovely safe, cosy (in bird terms) home for them but we never get any takers. Marlene also shares recipes and collects pretty china. Like many of us, she writes about whatever takes her fancy at the time (at least I think she does. It could be, of course, that she has it all planned out for months ahead! Do you, Marlene?)

Sue at the cottage at the end of a lane ( writes on similar themes. Having been self sufficient on a smallholding and campsite, she now lives in a Suffolk cottage where she shares with readers the ups and downs of life. It’s an interesting thing – most of the blogging community know each other only via our blogs and yet, in many ways, we know more about each other than, say, the people we see every day at work.

Food, finance, fitness, family and flowers…things that, to a greater or lesser degree, interest us all. Faith writes the Much more with less blog and has won awards for her financial writing and was a finalist in the UK Money blogging awards earlier in the year.  A bit like me, she dips in to any subject that takes her fancy. I really like her flower photography.but have to admit that her food posts and recipes are what interest me most.

I like people who find contentment in the every day and for this reason I enjoy Bless’s posts ( She has great ability to see good in the smallest things. She ends her posts with five things that she’s grateful for that day and its  a sharp reminder to celebrate the good in our lives.   A recent post describes the ceremony of almsgiving at the Buddhist temple which she attends and the sermon which focused on the importance of good friends – something which I have often mentioned as being of great consequence to me.  I always find it interesting to read about other cultures and beliefs. Earlier this year I visited a Buddhist temple and it was fascinating. I keep meaning to write a post about it. I will endeavour to do so soon.

Now to Leigh (it’s a girl thing) … what a coincidence that we both ended up becoming mature students in our fifties and studying similar degrees. Leigh did it whilst travelling around Europe in a motor home, and later England on a narrowboat! There’s dedication for you. During this time she’s also published a couple of books on direct selling and network marketing, another about her travels (from her dog, Martha’s perspective)  and yet still found time to write her blog on girl-stuff.

Finally mummy and me is written by Charlotte who, as well as having an academic career, writes travelogues for people who travel with young children. It’s not advice I need currently but Charlotte is a friend and its nice to keep up with what she’s doing.

And that’s enough about blogging for now. Tomorrow, I’m changing the subject!





  1. Thankyou for the mention, and to answer your question, I used to plan posts and would often feel obliged to write about certain things as this is what I thought readers would like, but I wasn’t being true to myself, now I just write about what ever I fancy and hope the readers will enjoy it. x


    • Absolutely, Marlene. Blogging shouldn’t be a chore. Sometimes my post generates a lot of interest, and other times not much at all. But it’s my blog and I write whatever I feel like writing about!


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