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Today I’m going to blog about blogs! The post will be in two parts: Firstly I’ll talk about the blogs I enjoy.  Over on the right hand side of my blog page, you’ll see a list of links to Blogs I enjoy reading. I wonder if you’ve ever taken a look at any of them. I used to buy a lot of magazines but got disillusioned with the same stories and articles which seemed to do the rounds albeit slightly re-hashed. Given the steep cost of some of these magazines I decided to stop buying them. Good Housekeeping, one of my preferred ones, now costs £4.40. Astonishing! I occasionally pick up a used copy from the gym but for the most part, having a few favourite blogs that I can dip into when I want has filled the gap nicely. It’s like having my own online general interest magazine.

Part 1: Blogs I enjoy reading I’m not going to describe every one but here are a few of them with a short description of the reasons I enjoy them:

Margaret is a professional writer who lives in South Devon. I met her recently when I went to stay near to where she lives. She is such an interesting lady who has a great love for the subjects about which she writes which include day-to-day life, her family, home, antiques and cooking delicious food. She also takes some fabulous photographs of her own lovely part of England.

Jane at Shoestring Cottage writes, as you might guess by her blog name, about living on a budget. I guess we all have a budget of some kind and, if you’re like me, often wish it was a little larger.  Some of Jane’s ideas are too radical for me but she offers an interesting perspective on stretching that budget whilst still enjoying life.

Fancying France’s June describes her blog thus: The musings of a ‘femme d’un certain âge’ who longs to live in France. This describes it perfectly. Passionate about the food and wine, fashion and culture, she shares her love of all things French.

Frugalfashion is written by Penny. She’s a very stylish lady who loves to shop in charity shops and imparts her unique brand of fashion advice to those of us of a ‘certain age’.   Penny also writes a second blog which focuses on politics and other serious topics. This can be accessed from her fashion blog.

Starting over at Sixty is the story of Paula’s journey from finding herself unexpectedly alone at sixty to where she is today, a couple of years on. It is a very open, honest and thought-provoking account of how she has come to terms with her situation, ‘not just surviving, but thriving’ (to use her own words).

Part 2  This part will only be of interest to readers who have their own blogs.

I have become increasingly frustrated by the fact that several  Blogspot/Blogger blogs won’t allow me to leave comments because apparently, I am not authenticated (i.e. my WordPress credentials are not recognised by Blogger). This didn’t used to be a problem but I think the Blogspot platform must have had some changes made to it. However, I couldn’t understand this because there are other Blogspot blogs that I have no problem with. I’ve been investigating why this might be and it seems that other WordPress users are having the same issue.  I dug around the internet and this is what I have discovered. It all depends on what comment levels the blog owner has selected. If you have a Blogspot account, WordPress bloggers can only comment if the Blogspot owner has allowed comments from Name/URL. 

Obviously most people will not wish to accept anonymous contributors, but restricting it beyond this prevents contributors who don’t have Blogger (i.e. Google blog) account. So, if you’re a Blogger/Blogspot blog writer who reads mine and wonders why I never read yours – I probably do but I can’t leave comments (this applies to several that I read from time to time and am unable to comment on). You might want to consider the above.

To name just a few…


Simple living 31

Life in my empty nest

Meanwhile, I appreciate the comments from those of you who do. Thank you. I will always endeavor to respond.

POSTSCRIPT:  I am touched and delighted to report that within a very short time of posting this piece, some of my regular readers have already amended the access levels on their own blogs which will allow WordPress bloggers to join them. I really do enjoy the word of blogging and am loving being a part of it.


  1. Thank you so much for including ‘Fancying France’ among those blogs you enjoy reading. I feel honoured.
    I’ve had the same problem trying to comment on some Blogger posts. It took me a while but I eventually managed to comment using my Google account. Not much use if you don’t have a Google account, of course!
    You also made me think that I should update the list of blogs that I enjoy reading. Some of the blogs I used to read don’t exist anymore and some no longer appeal – for a variety of reasons. Add to this the fact that every now and then I come across a ‘new’ blog, I really should put some time into editing my recommended blog list.
    I’m off now to have a look at some of the blogs on your list!


    • I wanted to comment using my WordPress blog account as I have picked up several readers that way. It seems that my investigations paid off as several people have changed their comment setting. I feel rather touched that they took my comments on board. I am going to write a post mentioning the other blogs that I read. No favouritism!


  2. Got me wondering if there are people who can’t comment on my blog, I think it’s open to everyone don’t often get the weird foreign comments or nasty ones – thank goodness


    • Hi Sue, I’ve only received one slightly unpleasant comment. I deleted it without responding so I guess as I didn’t bite back, the writer thought I was no fun. Never heard from them again.


  3. Thanks for that info, Eloise. I seldom ever get any comments on my blog, yet when I look at my statistics, there are more and more readers. It is a bit of a quandary trying to sort it all out but thanks to your info…. I shall get a family member to sort it out for me. I have signed into WordPress so that I can make comments on W
    ordPress blogs, but still, sometimes it just doesn’t happen.


    • It’s a real trial and error thing, isn’t it. The help available is way over my head. I need a complete idiots guide!


    • Ratnamurti, when I click on your blog (via your comment), I get a message that nothing has been posted! Can you provide a link please.


  4. Hello Eloise, I changed my settings too, so hopefully you can comment on my blog now. Sorry, but I didn’t know this was happening as my daughter is my webmaster guru! And, thank you for sharing some great blogs to read, too! Pat xx


  5. I changed the settings and will see how it goes with open commenting. Please don’t be offended if spam starts and I have to change it back 🙂


    • No problem, I’ll give it a go. I hope it doesn’t result in spam. Several other blogs seem OK with it so fingers crossed!


  6. Thank you, Eloise, for your kind comment re my own blog and it was really lovely to meet you a couple of months’ ago. I hadn’t noticed you’d added a few more to the list of blogs you like, so I will have a look at those shortly. I have no idea how I might add more to my own list, I’m so incompetent at such things. The woman who set up my blog put those up for me and she’s explained how I should do it, but I’m just hopeless, but I do read lots of other blogs and leave comments wherever I can.
    Margaret P


    • Everything I’ve done with my blog has been through trial and error (with fingers crossed)! I’ve failed miserably in trying to present it in a grid format (as yours is with several recent posts showing) despite reading detailed instructions over and over! Looking forward to our next meet up!


  7. I really find blogs written by Americans hard to understand, the spelling is atrocious and they keep referring to Christmas as ‘the holiday. I rarely comment as some right wing bloggers really wind me up and I would just be so rude to them, I find it difficult to find intelligent, balanced blogs by normal people living on a state pension.


    • I’m not sure of any blogs specifically aimed at life on a state pension apart from Ilona Richard’s http://meanqueen-lifeaftermoney.blogspot.co.uk/.
      Several blogs, however, concentrate on a frugal lifestyle. Take a look at Simple living, Much more with less or Shoestring Cottage (links on the side of my front page). A lot of blogs do as I have list others that interest them. This is how I find new blogs to read. There are some fab ones out there. Don’t give up on finding some that suit you.


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