I do not like snow (but potatoes are good)

We’ve just made the national lunchtime news. Whilst gritters have been out in full force across the Midlands, in my local area snow ploughs have been deployed. I am not excited.


It looks like a black & white photo. It’s not – it’s just the way my garden looked when I got  up this morning. There was already a light covering of snow left over from yesterday which didn’t stop us doing anything but last night’s snowfall topped it up, and getting the car out of the close today is a task not worth attempting. Thank goodness for our ample food stocks; I have no need to go anywhere. Even Tesco Express, a five minute walk away is too far for me, though husband has been to fetch his newspaper. So important is this to him that I can’t think of a weather situation which would actually stop him!

Unlike most small children, from as far back as I can recall, I did not like snow. I considered it as too cold, too wet and too dangerous and was always afraid when my Dad went out to work in it. Of what, I have no idea but I can recall exactly how I felt. As an adult I detest it.  It is, I concede, one of nature’s prettiest decorations and I do not underestimate the magical atmosphere created by a (very light) sprinkling on Christmas Eve, but thicker snow worries me. I hate the thought of my children driving in it, of my grandchildren being driven around in it, of accidents and damage to cars and the associated costs. Snow makes me feel unnerved. I hate the feeling of helplessness, that I can do nothing to prevent it falling and, irrationally, I hate that snow covers up reality – it feels sinister. Yes, I get it – that’s weird!

I hear that my grandchildren are out enjoying building snowmen. Somewhere there is a photo of my very young sons with a snowman who even sported a snow-made top hat. Unfortunately I can’t locate it.  When my own children were young one of the books we most enjoyed reading together was this one:

Isn’t it odd that I should enjoy it so much? Written very much in the style of Dr. Seuss, it was really fun. I love reading with children as much as I hate snow!

My daughter watched The Snowman animated film (from Raymond Briggs wonderful book) endlessly as a little girl. I still watch it every year at Christmas. The pictures in the book are so beautifully drawn and the adaptation to film has been wonderfully done.

Enough of snow –  I just hope it melts very soon.  OH NO! No sooner did I type those words that it’s started again. The flakes are bigger than ever.

Meanwhile … … … I had the following pop-up onto my Facebook page earlier and thought I’d share it.  With the headline Potatoes – more than a bit on the side it’s a selection of recipes which showcase the potato rather than relegate it to the bit that fills up the space on the plate.  How fabulous does this look? Cheap, filling and nutritious, I often think that potatoes are overlooked when they can be used very successfully (and tastily) as the main ingredient of a dish. I shall definitely be investigating the site further.   https://www.lovepotatoes.co.uk/recipes/spanish-tortilla-with-paprika-and-parsley/


My blog-friend Bless always finishes her posts with a list of five things that she’s grateful for and today I am going to do the same.

Today I’m grateful for:

  • a warm home
  • well stocked food cupboards
  • that my family and I don’t have to drive anywhere
  • that my Christmas presents are all bought and wrapped
  • my cosy slippers


  1. I like snow if it comes at my convenience, i.e. when I’m well stocked up with food and we don’t need to go out! It looks so pretty, and as we seldom have snow in Torbay, I sometimes feel deprived when the rest of the country is ‘suffering’ from the stuff!
    Margaret P


  2. I like snow but with conditions! It has to be really deep snow so that everyone I care about is snowed in at home, safe and sound. That way I don’t have to worry about them driving anywhere. When we had dogs, I used to love walking them through the snow – as long as I was wrapped up in all the appropriate gear! Here on the Surrey/W. Sussex border, we haven’t had any snow, yet. I love the idea of ending a blog post with five things for which one is grateful. I tend to do this when I’m in bed and reflecting on my day. My mum would have called this ‘counting your blessings.’


    • Ha yes, we all need to count our blessings. We now have more snow as it came down overnight. With minus 12 temps predicted tonight, we are not expecting a thaw anytime soon. I am feeling rather glum about it!


  3. HI Eloise, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, it’s always nice to ‘meet’ someone new 🙂
    Yes, I do live in the Midlands, we seem to have had more snow than anywhere else this time. I have to confess that I like snow much more than i do rain, plus it make everything look so pretty! My daughter tells me that my grandson has been enjoying playing out in it today too, he is just 5 and this is as much snow as he has seen to now and is very excited.

    Your grateful list is a great way to finish your post.


    • Hello Margaret, I’m sure we will “meet” again in blog-land! My grandchildren have been enjoying the snow too. Their mums have been sending me photographs. I love that they are having such fun. It’s certainly the heaviest fall we have seen in Worcestershire in several years.


  4. Is the beautiful photo is showing a greater snowfall than usual? More than 40 years ago, my wee family and I went to The Snow, on a mountain. I have never forgotten that beautiful, sunny day. But one of my children hated it, she, like you, doesn’t like snow. So who can explain these things? I agree with you about one’s children and grand children, doing things and giving us cherished memories.


    • Hi Ratnamurti, Quite often in winter we get no snow at all, or just a light sprinkle. The winters of 2010 and 2011 had heavy falls but since then barely anything until last night, so yes, this is quite a lot of snow!


  5. Living high up on Barr Beacon we have snow every year, but not this much. Having lived here all my life I and my daughters are used to it so love it.
    Just as well it is Sunday and most people dont have to go it.
    It gives the children lots of time to play. No school tomrow so an other day to enjoy the snow.
    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. ⛷🏂🎅🎉🎁🎄


    • You are a lot more positive than me, Wendy. I envy that. I wish I could find the joy in snow that so many others do. What I do find joyful is the absolute wonder of small children when they first see it. Seeing our children, and now our grandchildren bundled up in snow suits,rosy-cheeked, making a snowman…these are precious and happy memories.


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