Who knows where the time goes?

Has anyone else detected a foreshortening of the diurnal cycle between Wednesday afternoons and Sunday evenings?  OK,  plain English…..do you find that there are just not enough hours in the day? In particular, what puzzles me is the fact that the hours between finishing work for the week (2pm on a Wednesday) and Sunday evening fly by at an alarming speed, much faster than the sixteen that I work from Monday to Wednesday.

Christmas is fast approaching and I have just two presents bought. With six children between us plus their six ‘other halves’, and eleven grandchildren, that’s twenty three people to choose gifts for before we even think of anyone outside the immediate family. I know that some people choose not to buy for children once grandchildren are born but this isn’t something I want to do. I like to give gifts to my children and the thought of not doing so would sadden me greatly.  Neither do I want to join those who go for the ‘Secret Santa’ option. We’re rarely all together on Christmas Day so it just wouldn’t work very well.

Time was when all presents were bought and wrapped and all cards written well ahead of 1st December but those days are long gone. Every time I identify a slot for some serious Christmas shopping it gets filled up with some other commitment or more enticing lunch invitation. I am fortunate to have a large circle of friends and naturally the various groups like to get together at special times but I’ve reluctantly turned down two such invitations over the past couple of days. Too often I find myself apologising to friends for the fact that I haven’t caught up with them in ages. I just can’t fit it all in. My diary has not a single totally free day between tomorrow and 26th December.

Take this week. After work on Wednesday I did food shopping before going to daughter-in law to do her ironing and then she did my hair (regular readers will know that we have a reciprocal arrangement). On Thurdsay morning husband and I went over to Worcester so that I could buy fabric to re-cover a headboard. Apart from one priced at £299 which was way over my budget,  I couldn’t find a new one in the shade I wanted so decided to reupholster our existing one. £30 for the fabric seemed a far better option.



Thurdsay afternoon was spent engaged in the actual task of reupholstering before making dinner and some chocolate brownies and, once we’d eaten, it was time for my manicure and eyebrow waxing appointments( it’s monthly maintenance week)!

Friday morning saw me at the gym. In theory I go three times a week; in practice I manage to get there twice. Bank, building society, M&S to return a faulty item and then a pile of ironing filled up the afternoon. On Saturday I met up with my eldest son and family at a garden centre where we spent a couple of hours being entertained by animated reindeer (can you believe that the children preferred these to the real ones?), watching the skaters on the temporary ice rink and admiring the huge displays of stunning decorations ….but seriously, who pays £5.99 for one bauble? Later we sat down to enjoy coffee and cake.  I took a detour to a craft centre on the way home hoping to find a birthday gift for a friend. Unfortunately it is undergoing some alterations and the gift department was about 10% of its usual size. I came away empty handed so that’s another thing not yet crossed off the to-do list. In the afternoon I wrote some Christmas cards and a letter to the tax office, did a bit of housework before eldest grandson called in to pick up his birthday present.

Conscious of my recent commitment to finish the book by the end of April, I spent most of today writing but not until I had packed my suitcase. I’m off to Essex tomorrow after work. I’d hoped that my days of training courses were over but no such luck. I really object to the intrusion into my own (very limited) time.




  1. I definitely don’t know where time goes. I do know that I am far too late in commenting on your entertaining post! It’s certainly true that time seems to go faster as one gets older. I often exclaim ‘how did I ever time to work?’ now that I am retired. Someone did remark recently that I am always flitting between France & the UK, so perhaps that is the reason!


  2. Time sure does seem to speed up over the weekends and as it gets closer to the end of the year, doesn’t it? Hope you get your Christmas shopping done before the big day!


  3. love your “new” headboard, Eloise. In our family we have done Secret Santa for the last few years, as it was such a financial hardship for me to buy everyone a decent present. But I do know that some still want to do presents for everyone. Congratulations on your gym attendance – even 2x a week is a major this time of year. I taught yoga in gyms for many years, and loved it.


    • How nice to teach something that really benefits people. I did some Yoga Relaxation classes a few years ago and lived them. I’d like to take it up again when I retire


  4. O shoo all year for Christmas, it’s the only way.

    I try not to go to the shops after December 1st, too crowded.

    Can totally relate to the gym issue. It’s -15 and don’t plan on getting out of bed for a while


  5. Times really does fly, it might be a cliché, but it seems the older we get, it speeds up! What a busy time you have had, Eloise, and what a good idea to reupholster the headboard rather than shell out a lot of money. We bought a new one with our new bed two years ago and really, it was far too expensive when you see that it’s only a lump of wood covered with some material. But we didn’t like the old headboard, a curved one from the 1970s and even had we upholstered it, it wouldn’t have looked nice. An oblong one as you have is a much easier and better shape to tackle, and very smart it now looks.
    I’ve never had my eyebrows waxed. Indeed, since chemo all those years ago I’ve hardly any eyebrows left so I have to pencil them in rather than have hairs removed!
    I, too, would find it almost impossible to part with almost £6 for a bauble! Mind you, having said that (cliché!) we still have a bauble from our first Christmas as a married couple in 1964, it is covered in ‘gold’ sequins and cost me five shillings, which I suppose was much the equivalent of the £6 today! But it is the only one that has lasted for 53 years, decorating our tree each year.
    But, yes, time was when I had all things ‘organized’ by 1st December, presents bought and wrapped, cards written and ready for posting. Not any more, but I’ve given up fretting about one day in the year. What gets done gets done, what doesn’t doesn’t matter.
    Have a good week.
    Margaret P


    • Glad its not only me who believes that time flies as we get older, Margaret! I wouldn’t have tackled the headboard had it been shaped so I’m glad I chose an oblong one when I bought it a couple of years ago. It was black though and didn’t look right with the new bedding. I made a really ‘bad’ decision previously to go with black & gold but disliked it straight away. Apparently it is now ‘right on trend’ to have black and gold. I was ahead of the times! Anyhow, I am very happy with my new, predominantly coffee coloured, decor. Just need to find some pictures. I’m thinking of ‘borrowing’ your idea of Redoute roses, but in red. Think of it as flattery rather than copying! Your long-lasting bauble goes to prove that quality will out!


  6. Only 5 weeks to go now until Christmas, it is going by very quickly.
    Snap I have the same duvet cover set on at the moment, I also have another with the same colour in but slightly different, good job on the headboard, upholstery is something I wouldn’t be afraid to try.


    • We (husband) recently decorated the bedroom after we (I) decided that the decor we had only done a couple of years ago, just didn’t work. I loved this cover as soon as I saw it. Good choice, Marlene!


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