The Bacchus Bar

Bacchus – Roman god of agriculture, wine and fertility.

Bacchus 99

Before the show yesterday we treated ourselves to lunch in our favourite, and one of what must surely be the most interesting, bar in Birmingham. The Bacchus bar is literally one of Birmingham’s hidden treasures because if you didn’t know it was there (or someone like me hadn’t told you), you’d be highly unlikely to find it. Located beneath the Burlington Hotel, opposite New Street Train Station, on one of Birmingham’s oldest streets (dating from the late 1300s), it’s just not somewhere that you’d happen upon unexpectedly.

Bacchus 4

The fact that whoever designed the interior had a somewhat confused understanding of historical style might lead you to wonder if you had stepped into a film set or a series of alternative worlds: Roman, Greek and Ancient Egyptian, a touch of Harry Potter with ecclesiastical overtones, grand stone archways and heavy wooden castle-like doors. But it really doesn’t matter because this comfortable, slightly decadent hotch-potch, with a large main area and several smaller rooms, private alcoves and, for those who prefer them -dark corners, is nothing less than a delight. It shouldn’t work but it does, fabulously so.

Above: these two frescoes each took up the entire wall in the side room where we chose to sit.

Below: the bar where we ordered

Bacchus 98

And finally: one of the other seating areas

Bacchus 97



    • One of the reviews described it as fake. Well, of course it’s fake! Unashamedly so. But it’s quirky, fun and, as a bonus, serves decent food. I forgot to take a photo of that though.


  1. We are in Birmingham City Centre tonight. We are going to the NIA to see John Bishop curtesy of Diana and Nick ( last years Xmas pressie). We are enjoying a meal at Strada. I can recommend it if you come to Birmingham again.


  2. What a treasure of a place, Eloise. I love how, when you live somewhere, you know these special places. Carole King is amazing. I am fascinated by people who have a special talent, and, being non-musical, am especially fascinated by someone like her.


    • I am not musically gifted either. It must be wonderful to have such a talent. Although I love the Tapestry album, I think there are better singers but her songwriting talents were amazing. I’m not sure if she is still writing now. Bacchus is certainly unique. I love unusual places.


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