Me and my blog

Back in May, not long after I’d begun writing my blog, I wrote how pleased I was that  I was attracting an average of 26 visitors a day. Six months on, I am amazed and delighted to report that the visitor count is usually reaching 100 (and occasionally 200) per day, a few of them reading five or six individual posts.  Isn’t that brilliant?

I find the WordPress stats page very interesting. One thing which continues to intrigue me is why some of my posts attract a far greater number of readers than others.  Is it down to the title perhaps? And why is it that on a particular day a post which I wrote months ago suddenly receive more hits than one I wrote just a week before? I’ve been monitoring what seems to work best and although the overall best read piece was the childhood memoir of time I spent at my grandparents:  Other than this, and somewhat surprisingly, it seems that writing about the minutiae of my unremarkable day to day life is most popular. I’m always touched when people I know say ‘I really enjoyed your post about…..’

It’s an odd feeling to think that all those people are reading what I’ve written but I have no idea who they are or what they think. A few people ‘follow’ me i.e. elect to be notified each time I post, but curiously they are not the ones most likely to make a comment. Another thing –  are the 8 or 9 Australian readers the same people each day or do some drop out whilst others drop in?  I love it when people leave comments and always try to reply as acknowledgement that they have taken the time to do so. I understand why, though, that authors of the most popular blogs can’t do this. It would be a full time job!

When I began writing my blog I wondered whether I’d be able to think of enough material. It hasn’t been a problem. I guess if you are someone who enjoys talking to people, it just flows. I can strike up a conversation with anyone and I’m never afraid of asking questions. Husband is always amazed at how much I find out about people whom we’ve only just met! I like finding out what makes other people tick. I’ve made it easier on myself by not making a single subject blog. My strap line is ‘All kinds of everything’ and that’s what it is. However, I made the decision to avoid religion or politics since I have no wish to offend or enter into what may become heated discussion (as these subject areas can tend towards).

You may have noticed that on the right hand side of this post there is a short list called Blogs I enjoy reading. Have you ever clicked on the any of the links? That’s how, when I read other blogs, I discover new ones to enjoy and I’ve learned all kinds of things since I’ve joined the blogging community. I’ve also made a smashing friend. We even met up for coffee (and cake, of course) when I visited her home county of Devon recently and got along famously.  We agreed that writers have a NEED to write; they want an outlet and they want to be read.

So, to those of you who read my blog regularly and enjoy it, thank you. To those who drop in occasionally, again thank you. And if you’re a new reader who is thinking (as one anonymous person commented) … ‘[what] boring drivel’, no problem, just ‘switch off’. No offence taken!




  1. Yes, your strap line could be my own, all kinds of everything! I – and one of many, now doubt – love your blog as it’s a lovely mix of so many things which interest me, food, music, clothes, your writing (other than on the blog, I mean), indeed, more topics than I an swing a typewriter at!
    I am delighted to say that my own blog is now back, up and running again. It seemed far longer than just a week since it went ‘down’, but now all is OK again, and I hope it will remain that way.
    I also love it that we each have readers from Australia and New Zealand and also in America, and we can exchange views on so many topics, even such things as putting the clocks back or forward twice a year (I thought the UK was the only country that did this until I mentioned it on my blog and now find it’s done in other countries.) And I love learning how something as mundane as a cauliflower is expensive in the southern hemisphere – just little things like this make life interesting. Well, they do for me!
    Like you, though, I can strike up a conversation with anyone and frequently do when we’re out and about, although husband wouldn’t do this if he were on his own, I’m sure. And I’m afraid I sometimes ask too many questions, I feel that I go into “interviewer” mode far too quickly, a habit I must try and quell!
    Yes, it was lovely to meet, we had a great time over coffee and cakes, didn’t we!
    Margaret P


    • We certainly did have a great time over coffee and cakes and the time just flew by. Since I posted ‘Me and my blog’ I seem to have attracted several new commenters which is great. Thank you for your nice comments – I just ramble on about whatever is in my head at the time. Your dedicated readers are. Of course, delighted that your blog problems have been put right! Onward and upward.


  2. First of all, congratulations on the number of visitors you have to your blog and yes, it is brilliant! I agree that the WordPress statistics can be fascinating. One of my most popular posts was “C’est chic” about French style. It’s interesting that this seemed to prompt quite a reaction! Thank you for including my blog in your list of blogs you like to read. Strangely enough, I have a draft blog all about blogging waiting to be finished. Anyway, happy blogging and I always look forward to reading your latest post.


  3. I found you via Margaret Powling’s blog, but it took a while for me to figure out how to reply, not being familiar with wordpress. I cannot fathom out how people found my blog either, and they tend to make comments on facebook only, about them. But I have worked out where most of my readers are.. and I don’t understand it all. I was wondering if some of your unusual reader sites are maybe expats, wanting to read about ‘home’? I enjoy your blog, mine is


    • Hi Marlene, I found you via Shoestring Cottage which I found via Ilona’s meanqueen. There was an article in the newspaper about her and that was my first foray into the world of blog! In those days I was able to log into your blog as Eloise but now I cant, hence the use of my other name!


    • Thank you Vicki. Now I know who one of my readers is! I’m so glad that you are enjoying the blog. Although I have only around 20 followers (I think this means that they get email notification each time I post) the number of readers is climbing steadily which is really gratifying.


  4. I came to your blog via Margaret in Devon and throughly enjoy reading it.Its nice to finally find a blog by someone in your own age group! I don’t have a blog myself just enjoy reading other peoples.


  5. All sorts of strange things happen with stats, there was a spell last year when page views from Russia zoomed up to 100’s a day!
    I had 400+ followers on my old blog but only 200+ so far on the new one, so a couple of hundred people who clicked the follower button before now don’t read the blog, yet page views are much the same – makes no sense!
    Sue at The Cottage at the End of a Lane blog


  6. Greetings dear friend from sunny southern California. I am so lucky to have found your lovely blog. It is far from boring, believe me! I understand your interest in having followers drop off for some unknown reason. My blog is with blogspot and one day I had gained three followers and the next day lost all three! Now, I just try and focus on writing something that I either want to remember or share with my readers. My writing style is a bit of a mess but at least I’m out there, sharing some things that may make the world a brighter or better place. I hope you are having a wonderful day. My best to you! Pat


    • Thank you for your lovely comments, Pat. I shall be taking a look at your own blog this evening. I find the stats very interesting and it intrigues me greatly when I see that there is a reader from a ‘new’ country. How, for example, did a reader from Ghana discover my blog?! It’s great fun.


    • Hi, loved your post about Turkey. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to comment. I am only able to respond on blogger sites which offer Name/URL as one of the options. It’s a pain because this only happened a few weeks ago.


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