Best ever ironing session!

Truly, I have just completed my best ever ironing session. I’ve been putting it off since returning from Ireland and it’s built up so this afternoon, after a 9am start getting my hair done, half an hour’s exercise at the gym followed by an hour and a half’s coffee and chat, and a shopping session I returned home with the sort of heavy heart that the only the prospect of ironing can induce.

Ironing is done in my home office and is generally accompanied by music. Today, instead of a cd, I put on You tube and, one after another, I selected live recordings of several old favorites – many taking me back to my teenage years:

  • Barry Ryan – Eloise (of course)
  • Rolling Stones – The last time
  • Jefferson Airplave – Somebody to love
  • Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit
  • Python Lee Jackson (Rod Stewart) – In a broken dream
  • The Monkees – Steppin’ stone
  • Led Zeppelin – Battle of Evermore
  • Barrie McGuire – Eve of Destruction
  • Jennifer Warnes – First we take Manhattan
  • Pink Floyd – Interstellar overdrive
  • Lou Reed – Perfect day
  • Joan Armatrading – The weakness in me
  • Guns n Roses – November rain
  • Mason Williams – Classical Gas
  • The New Seekers – Pinball Wizard (Is that a surprise? It’s a brilliant version, honestly. I thought so at the time and have never wavered)

And then I played them all over again. Ironing – after more than forty years  I’ve cracked it!



  1. If the weather is nice, I iron outdoors! The extension cord goes to the kitchen socket and is long enough for me to be in the middle of the terrace with an unrestricted view of the garden.


  2. Great post! My family always tease me about my ironing habit but I much prefer ironing to housework. Like Shirley, I often watch the television when ironing but nothing with subtitles!! Alternatively, I listen to the radio or music, depending on my mood. What a great idea to have an ironing playlist. I particularly love two of your choices: Jefferson Airplane and Lou Reed. As for the New Seekers, what a surprise that turned out to be! I’m off to put together my own ironing playlist now…


    • I almost always have music on when ironing but it’s generally a cd. I played a YouTube clip of Barry Ryan’s Eloise and just went from there. As one played, so I was thinking of the next one. They just took a few seconds each to find and I loved hearing a few that I’d not heard for ages (though Jefferson Airplane gets regular AirPlay in my car).

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  3. What a clever idea with the music and ironing. I must explore that. I usually settle for the telly to keep me amused whilst ironing.


  4. I know few of those recording artists! That just demonstrates that even the relatively small gap in our ages, there is a very wide gap when it comes to popular music. My teenage years were devoted to Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers, Elvis (of course!), and later the Shadows (never Cliff, thought he was weedy even in those days – he attempted to be sexy like Elvis, but always missed by a mile. You can’t try to be sexy; you either are, or you aren’t. Elvis was.) Anyway, four in your list I’ve never heard of and the rest I have years of (who hasn’t heard of the Stones?) but what they recorded remains very much a mystery.
    Margaret P
    PS But then, I was a big classical music fan, and still am.


    • I’m aware of those artists, of course have a an Elvis cd in my car, but it’s true, even a few years makes a difference as each generation of teenagers seeks something new. I have very scant knowledge of what is popular today and dislike much of it when I (accidentally) hear it. Classical music also ‘floats my boat’ so to speak and is the most common option when in the car. I find that my mood very much affects what I want to listen to. I was in need of a little loud(ish) rock yesterday! Some years ago we attended an Elvis concert where his was a screen presence but the musicians were real. It worked brilliantly. Perhaps next weeks ironing list will go back a few years!


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