Just another day

Raise your eyebrows or even shake you head in disbelief, but do not underestimate the sheer pleasure derived from opening organised, tidy kitchen cupboards. Some might think ‘how sad’ but truly, the cathartic benefit of yesterday’s labours has lightened my heart. OK, maybe a little exaggeration there but it really was a good feeling, when opening the first cupboard this morning, to see how neat it looked. Mind you, it was the wrong cupboard…but hey, these things take time to get used to.

Today was a little more relaxed: off to the gym this morning where I paid for my ticket to the Christmas lunch. We’re off to the same pub that did us proud on our Ascot ladies day.  December is filling up – four Christmas lunches booked already. For one reason or another I haven’t seen a couple of my gym friends for a month or so, so it was good to catch up with a post exercise coffee room. It’s been a day for catching up as, after a quick change and make up touch-up at home, I met up with my friend J this afternoon. We have known each other since infant school but became friends when our eldest children were babies. We’ve shared high days and holidays, tears of happiness and painful despair, and have been there for each other through every milestone in the past thirty eight years. No wonder two and a quarter hours of conversation flew by.

In between these engagements I did a little shopping. I always mentally tot up the rough cost of purchases and it’s a good job I do. In Boots I handed over £40 and was expecting around £9 change. I was handed £1.04 because the till hadn’t been programmed to account for a 3 for 2 offer. In Dunelm I put two items on the counter. The cashier rang them through and asked for £42. I laughed out loud and told her that it was closer to £22. It turned out that she had rung one item through twice. Now, the discrepancies in both cases was obvious but it does make me wonder how often overcharging happens. If you have half a dozen items and are overcharged by perhaps £5, would you necessarily notice?

I picked up my car which I’d dropped off for a wash and wax earlier an went  home to make a start on dinner. A defrosted one-I-made-earlier lasagne for husband and a healthy option for me…a salad of various beans and peas, bulgar wheat, red pepper, onion and warm goat’s cheese.


Needing to use up various bits of fruit we finished the meal with a warm fruit salad (i.e. a thirty second blast in the microwave) I also made another banana cake, this time remembering to add the flour!


Finally, a bit of television: Have I got news for you. 

Yet another day when the hours just flew by.



  1. Sounds like a lovely day, Eloise. I agree with you – organized kitchen cabinets are a joy! Glad you were able to catch up with your friends. Good thing you were able to tell that you had been overcharged on your purchases, I don’t know if I’d be so aware!


    • I mentioned to friends how I liked my newly organised cupboards and they all agreed! We decided that, as a pleasure, it must be something that we ‘grow’ into in middle age!


  2. All the food looks so good, especially the banana cake. I make one but it has walnuts (chopped) in it, too. I like the idea of a warm fruit salad, not tried it warm. I suppose I could just pop the fruit into a saucepan and put on a low heat for a few moments, stirring it, and that would do the same as a microwave – we don’t have a microwave.
    Yes, it’s a good idea to keep a mental check of things you buy so that you now what change to expect (roughly) or how much the Visa card receipt should be.


    • Warming the fruit in a saucepan would be fine, Margaret. I like it warm but not cooked. Served with ice cream (of which I have none at the moment because thew freezer is too full to fit any in) it is yummy! I also add walnuts to banana cake sometimes, or even some glace cherries. I threw in a handful of sultanas this time. The recipe I use has only 50g of sugar as opposed to the 200g some banana cake recipes demand.


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