How the hours fly by!

Spring cleaning has come a little late to the thisissixty household.

The day began with a text – youngest granddaughter wanted to stay at home. We had no firm plans  as to what we were doing but she was being dropped off at 9.30am and we would probably go to town or to the garden centre. It was agreed then that I would instead go and look after at 1pm for a couple of hours as her mum had a hair appointment (i.e. she is the stylist).  A free morning beckoned.

At 9.30 I wandered downstairs to make porridge but got waylaid.  The new soup maker was still sitting on the worktop waiting for me to find it a home. The cupboards needed a bit of tidying in order to accommodate it. Why I started on the job at that moment, I’ve no idea but during the next two and a half hours every cupboard was emptied, cleaned and reorganised. Husband complained that he wouldn’t be able to find anything. The task was long overdue. I filled two bags with various kitchen bits ready for the charity shop. They joined the bag of toys in the boot of the car which I put there yesterday.

I also did three loads of washing (i.e. loaded the machine three times). By 12 o’clock I was feeling peckish but it was a choice between making lunch or putting on my face, doing my hair and getting changed. Pride won and I arrived at grandaughters’ house looking presentable if a little hungry! “Help yourself,” said Daughter-in-law. I did – to a packet of crisps. Granddaughter gave me a bite of her Chomp (like a Curly Wurly but without the holes).  Then I did her ironing.

When D.I.L got home she washed and blow dried my hair. We have a mutually agreeable barter system in process – she does my hair twice a week; I pay her for one and do her ironing in exchange for the other. Since we both feel that we are getting the best end of the bargain, this works very well.

By then it was around 3.30pm. I went to Tesco and did the main monthly shop – just the thing to fill all those spaces I’d made in the cupboards! I also bought a new microwave. I don’t use a microwave that often but it’s very useful when its useful, if you know what I mean. The old one looked to be still in good condition but the dial had stopped moving which meant that everything had to be watched very carefully since the only setting was 95 minutes! (Quite what would survive being microwaved for 95 minutes I have no idea). I was also looking for new table mats but wasn’t taken with the limited range on offer. I shall take a trip to Dunelm tomorrow.

When I got home I cooked six portions of chicken (four for the freezer):

  • 2 with potatoes,roasted parsnips, carrots and peas ready for dinner tonight
  • 2 sweet & sour with peppers, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots and pineapple
  • 2 with apple, parsnip & onion in a peppercorn sauce

And that was it – a whole day gone. Tomorrow’s itinerary includes the gym (with the obligatory coffee and chat with gym friends), the trip to Dunelm, then to town to buy a few necessary bits & pieces and where I am meeting up with a friend for (more) coffee. And that will be another day gone  – how the hours fly by. Saturday will be a writing day and on Sunday we are off to visit eldest son and family who moved house recently. I need some baby grandson hugs!

Incidentally, todays was a more successful cooking exercise than yesterdays when I made a banana cake…except that it wasn’t. I couldn’t understand why, when I removed it from the oven, it was flat, slightly soggy and omelette-y looking. I’ve made banana cakes before without any problem. I have to say that it tasted pretty good topped with yogurt –  like a sweet toffee/banana pudding. Nevertheless, I pondered most of the evening on what could have gone wrong. I went back to the kitchen and looked at the recipe……Bananas, flora, sugar, eggs, flour…….eeek, I forgot the flour.  Yes, I forgot the flour!!




  1. Last night (i.e. Thursday evening) I watched a prog on Channel 5 about Rich Family/Poor Family doing a swap for a week. And the rich Dad wanted to make a birthday cake for his son … and he forgot to add the flour, too!
    But you have clearly demonstrated how we women are busy all the time but often have little to show for our efforts. Three meals prepared don’t sound much, but they all take time. So do clearing out all the cupboards. Nothing to show for it afterwards but tidy cupboards and if they doors are clean, even those aren’t noticed.
    But today I’ve not done very much at all, but I have made breakfast for the two of us, made the bed and tidied the bedroom, done three machine loads of washing (ditto), made lunch for ourselves and son who was here, cleared up the kitchen yet again, looked after son’s dog while son worked, and wrote a monthly letter to a friend. Not much by my or anyone’s standards, but nonetheless I’m tired now. And supper still to get … but at least I now have some meals in Freddy the Freezer; tonight, it’s cottage pie courtesy of Freddy!
    Margaret P


    • Which only goes to show that a woman’s work (even on what we term a not-very-busy day) is never done. Good on Freddy for delivering the goods! You’ll soon be wondering how you ever managed without him. Haha.


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