The soup maker

The flight home was delayed by half an hour. Not long but more time for me to feel nervous. Fortunately ‘Brian’ had died down (or blown away) so the expected turbulence didn’t materialise. Phew!  Husband was there at Birmingham Airport to pick me up. I miss Ireland whenever I leave and always wish I could stay a little longer, but it’s always good to get home too.

My soup maker had arrived so, of course, I had to try it out.

imageI chopped a few potatoes, added leeks from the garden,  a vegetable stock cube, water and seasoning.


There are settings for smooth or chunky soups. If, when the soups is cooked, it’s a little too chunky, there is a ‘blend’ option which pulses if for just a moment. The soup maker can also be used as a juicer and to make smoothies.


Can you believe it, I forgot to take a photo of the finished product! The soup was fine  though I would have preferred it a little thicker. I had added liquid up to the minimum quantity line. Lesson learned – I needed to use more potato. So, what’s the verdict.  The taste of the soup was just as good but is this a piece of kit worth having?  The jury’s out at the moment. I need to experiment more.


  1. Glad you had a safe return from your visit to Ireland. I enjoyed reading about it and seeing all the photographs.

    I’ve never seen a soup maker, before. I make my soups on the top of the stove, in a regular pan. But, I can see how such a gadget can be convenient. Hope you continue to enjoy it.


    • It’s certainly cuts down on washing up…no pans, no liquidiser, no wooden spoons. It made five portions so I was able to freeze some. The idea was that I can just put in the ingredients and ignore it until it’s ready. But I don’t think I’ll love it!


  2. I have a cousin who has a jug-style soup maker, but I still like to make soup myself in a pan, checking the thickness, etc, and how chunky I want it – I use a stick blender, and a couple of whisks for some soup, a lot for others, and none for some. I can also make a larger quantity than in my cousin’s jug, so some for the freezer, too. Mind you, I say this not having used a jug-style soup maker, I’ve no personal experience of using one.
    Margaret P


    • Yes, I can identify with the points you raise, Margaret I am less impressed that I thought I’d be. Must give it another chance though. It may be useful if I prepare and get husband to switch on so that it is ready for when I get home from work in the winter. Time will tell.


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