Lazy Sunday? Not quite

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content”

Apart from the fact that they precede Mondays, and I have to go to work on Mondays,  I rather like Sundays. Sometimes they are filled with family things, sometimes they are chill-out days at home and now and then they are a day for meeting up with my friend for morning coffee. Rarely are they lazy days  – I always seem to have far to much that needs doing to have lazy days.  This particular Sunday began with me in some discomfort. About three weeks ago I had a cold. It didn’t last long and it wasn’t a particularly bad one but ever since I’ve been snuffly and a bit headachey during the night and on waking. It’s been getting worse so finally I Googled – the diagnosis is catarrh. I don’t recall ever having this before but right now, oh yes, I am suffering.

Our plan for this morning was to choose wallpaper for the bedroom. Since we were going out anyway, I decided to pay a visit to the chemist. I now have Sudafed tablets and am hoping they will do the job as I am due to go to Ireland later this week. Husband has already stripped the walls and has plans to complete the papering  whilst I am away.  I’m so glad that I hadn’t already bought the paper because I had in mind a coffee colour to contrast with the new bedding I’ve bought, but over the past few days, each time I’ve walked into the bedroom, I’ve been startled (not too strong a word) by how light and airy it looks now that the removal of the existing wallpaper has revealed white painted walls.  I’m not a fan of painted walls as I prefer some light texture but in terms of colour, my mind had changed. I chose a plain magnolia paper which has a slight bark effect. Husband tends to leave decor decisions to me.

Once home I had my breakfast. It was late – around 11 am but I hadn’t felt like it earlier. This morning it was porridge with raspberries. It was tempting to then sit back and read the Sunday papers but I had ironing to do – just a few items I want to take away with me.

Then my two sons arrived. Eldest has picked up the final bits and pieces from the old house. We have agreed to store some bunk beds until they are required for his small sons (both still in cots at present). Youngest son has a bigger vehicle than the rest of us so this was requisitioned to effect transfer of said beds. The ‘problem’ with a split level house is that it comes with a split level loft  i.e. two lofts. This is attractive to people – in particular, sons who require the storage of various items . We reminded eldest son that we still have stuff in there since his 2013 move, and the younger one that his wife’s wedding dress has languished there since the year before that!  It seems that the more we aim to relieve the lofts of their contents (a slow process with downsizing at some unspecified future date in mind) so other people fill them up!

I missed lunch having eaten breakfast so late and made some greetings cards instead. I noticed on Friday that the selection at the gym is running a bit low. To the end of 2016 I’d made about £650 through sales at the gym. This has been split equally between Cancer Research (the gym’s chosen charity) and the research fund of Crohns & Colitis UK (my choice). So far in 2017 it is about £170. Here’s a small sample of today’s effort.


I also made a start on  Christmas cards for my own use. Then I remembered that I had a little bit of sewing to do before the daylight fades. I don’t like to leave it until late as I find it more difficult to do by electric light. I shortened some leggings (I find that even some marketed as ‘petite’ are longer than I like) and repaired the hem on a dress.

It was late afternoon before I got a look at the newspaper. Then, in no time at all,  my thoughts turned to dinner. I don’t often cook a roast and wanted to try a vegetable roast with feta cheese (and very nice it was but I forgot to take a photograph). It wasn’t Husband’s kind of food so he had cheese & ham quiche. Soon I’ll get my bits and pieces ready for work tomorrow, have a bath and settle down to watch episode 3 of The Last Post.  So that was my day – not a lazy one but no great effort expended either. How was your Sunday?





  1. You had a really productive day, Eloise, also L Hughes, far more so than me, I think! A split-lvel house sounds intriguing, I think I’d like that, and two lofts for storage. Living in a dormer house the only loft we have is over our sitting room and it’s very shallow, so we can’t really use it for many things. Indeed, there are things in there that were put in there 32 years ago when we moved in and haven’t been moved since!
    I love the greetings cards. I am hopeless with my hands, don’t sew (although I have made curtains in the past) and if a button comes off, then husband does the sewing back on. That is a lovely lot of money your cards have raised for charity!
    Margaret P


    • There are advantages to having a small loft, Margaret. It forces one to be more careful about what they keep! Thank you for the card comments – I find making them relaxing but I do have to be in the mood. What a useful thing to have a husband who can sew a button on! I think mine could but it tends to be me who does it.


  2. Sunday – that would be yesterday 😊. Certainly not a busy day for me. Pottering after breakfast, reading knitting and pottering after lunch, quick ‘drop by to say hello’ coffee with dropping in to say hello daughter and The Golfer about 4.30 then think about dinner.
    Watched Dr Blake then early bed.
    Ep 1 of The Last Post was on Saturday evening – Mmm The Golfer could see so many ‘not quite right’ things Im not sure if we’ll watch next week. (I might on catch up tv to see how the new wife gets on)


  3. It’s been a lovely sunny day here in the Midlands so despite our plans to carry on with the re-decoration of the bathroom (ongoing since June with bare plaster, etc), it seemed too nice a day to be indoors. We went to our local National Trust property instead and spent a few hours in the wonderful walled kitchen garden – still so many flowers in bloom and orchards full of apples and pears. On the way home I had a birthday gift voucher to spend and I picked up a lovely soft blanket in the sale in Laura Ashley reduced to just £15 from £50 – bargain. It’s already been washed and is ready for the colder nights. Other than that, it’s been a normal Sunday – had a flying visit from the 2 granddaughters, a bit chaotic as they try to fit in doing as much as possible into half an hour!! Didn’t bother with a roast today – too warm to cook one!!


    • Wow, that’s some bargain! Laura Ashley was a great favourite of mine in the 80s, both for clothing and decor in floral prints; good for more classic styling nowadays. I am in the Midlands too -Worcestershire. Yes, it’s been a nice day.


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