See the porridge, don’t see the porridge

The title of this post came about as I related a story to a friend. More of this later. If you think that porridge is an incredibly weird subject for a blog post, yes, you’re right – it is.  The idea for it came about thus:

A few days ago I was eating my breakfast and thinking, as I often do, that porridge is such a nice way to start the day. Occasionally I’ll choose a hard boiled egg on toast or a couple of crumpets spread with peanut butter  but most days, it’s porridge. If I’m absolutely honest I’d probably go for a large bowl of Sugar Puffs as my first choice but they’re just about as unhealthy as you can get so I almost never buy them – maybe a box every couple of years! Well, we all have our weak moments.

For years and years I didn’t eat breakfast on weekdays and I probably still wouldn’t if I was leaving the house soon after 7am. Nowadays, however, on work days I don’t leave until 8.50am so breakfast has become a (good) habit.

Anyhow, I was eating porridge with raspberries at the time but already wondering what fruit I might put in the following day’s bowl when it came to me that a post on porridge might be fun to write, (not everyone’s idea of a riotous time, I agree), so over the next few days I took photographs of my breakfast.

Friday – With raspberries. These were frozen ones. No need to defrost. Just crush them and pour the hot porridge over the top which defrosts them almost immediately. Works well with frozen blueberries or Tesco frozen breakfast topper (a mix of peach, mango, strawberry, pineapple) too.


Saturday – With green and black grapes


Monday  – With  banana, plum, pear and raspberries


Tuesday – Baked oats (a Slimming World recipe). For 2 servings: mix 70g of oats with one Muller Light Yogurt, two eggs and sweetener to taste (if you don’t like the artificial flavour then use Natvia, a natural plant sweetener – it is so much better). I find a couple of teaspoons per serving is right for me. Beat it all together, add a bit of fruit and bake at 170 for about 30 minutes. In this one I added finely chopped rhubarb (looks like spring onion but it really isn’t)! It’s a bit like a batter pudding.  Some like it hot – I prefer it cold so I tend to bake it the previous evening. Frozen fruit doesn’t work well here.


Whilst I was shopping yesterday I bumped into a friend who commented that she liked my nail polish (OPI Ro-man-ce on the Moon in case you’re wondering) and we got talking about nail polish in general. The conversation ended with me relating a story about my daughter, then aged about four. I went into my bedroom one day to find her sitting on the bed looking faintly terrified.

“Don’t see the porridge,” she said sounding rather wobbly.

“What do you mean, porridge? And what are you hiding behind your back?” I asked her. The penny hadn’t dropped.

“Don’t see the nail porridge,” she said, now starting to cry.

It was everywhere – all over her hands and worse, all over my bedding.

A little story which has nothing at all to do with breakfast but it did give me a more interesting post-title than simply ‘Pictures of porridge’.


  1. I love porridge but only in winter. I have a friend who eats porridge all year round. I can’t manage it at all when it’s hot. I have mine with unsweetened almond milk and banana, raisins or blueberries are favourite additions of mine but not all together. Tinned peaches, in juice (although I drain off the juice) also works well for me.


  2. Cute story about your daughter’s nail “porridge,” Eloise! Thanks for the good fruit and oatmeal combo ideas, too. I wouldn’t have thought to have grapes on my oatmeal. Have a great day! Bess


  3. That baked oats sounds interesting. My mother used to love porridge (known as oatmeal, here) and my daughter loves it, too, but I don’t much care for it. I have an issue with the texture, more than anything else. Too bad, really, because it is supposed to be so good for you. I hope you didn’t see the porridge when your daughter begged you not to! 🙂


    • Which goes to prove that liking food isn’t only about paste. I don’t like the texture of pasta. The taste isn’t the problem but I can’t bring myself to swallow it. Haha, My daughter text me last night having read this post. She had no recollection of the incident and asked whether I had been very cross. I said that I couldn’t remember but it was quite likely! I can see the scene clearly. I saw the nail polish as I picked her up. She’d been sitting in it!


  4. I read this aloud as husband – who has porridge for breakfast six days out of seven – and when I mentioned all the fruit the daft bat (fruit bat, ha ha!) said “Euck!” or words to that effect. He doesn’t like fruit on porridge, but I like it and I shall certainly try some of these, especially the frozen raspberries, they will go on my shopping list forthwith! Indeed, I was thinking about Jordan’s Country Crisp with Raspberries, and on the cover of the box is a total (in my opinion) misrepresentation of the amount of raspberries in the packet. It says there’s a “good handful” of raspberries in the packet, but whose hand? Certainly now mine. One of these days I will remove the contents into a bowl and fish out all the raspberries and weigh them and see the ratio of raspberries to the crunchy cereal, because I reckon it’s Not Very Much.
    But back with porridge. I enjoy porridge but after a few mouthfuls I find it a bit sickly, perhaps because I only have it with golden syrup on top. Mea culpa!
    Margaret P

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    • My husband isn’t keen on fruit on his porridge either. He tried banana but said that it took over the taste of the porridge. He likes honey on his (Yuk – I detest honey). I know exactly what you mean about the Jordan’s Country Crisp – the picture is definitely a misrepresentation. i reckon the last box I had probably had two dried raspberries in total. I like Kellog’s Special K with red berries but that’s as bad. I bought the Tesco version of Country Crisp in the maple & pecan variety and I swear they did no more than wave a single pecan over it!


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