A couple of days in Dartmouth

You might, if you were interested enough, wonder where I’ve been since I have not posted for over a week.  The answer is – in Devon. First we stayed in Dartmouth for a couple of days. The promised wi-fi access in the B&B did not really materialise. The poor signal meant that I managed to respond to an email but that was it.


Just look at that! Well, what else would a girl do on a wet Sunday morning in Dartmouth other that sit in a comfortable armchair in the delightful Bayard’s Cove Inn drinking hot chocolate (complete with whipped cream and a chocolate flake) whilst leafing through the Sunday supplements? Should you ever find yourself in Dartmouth, I recommend the inn as a lovely place to go. We had eaten lunch there the day before; they make incredibly good fresh crab sandwiches.

Dartmouth is always one of our go-to places when in Devon. I’ve liked it ever since first visiting back in 1981. The pretty, bustling little town sits, as its name suggests at the mouth of the Dart estuary.


Sunday afternoon was much drier and we took a walk along Bayard’s Cove which became famous during the 1970s as the location for the BBC’s drama – The Onedin Line, but it was an important landmark centuries before then. At the end of the cobblestone walkway sit the ruins of the Bayard’s Cove fort which provided protection (from enemy ships and pirates) to the town. The second picture shows me in 1981 with my then two year old son in the same spot.

I am no photographer but I was quite pleased with the picture below taken through the fort’s entrance.


We sat for ages watching the boats sail in and out of the estuary. Later we took a stroll along the harbour and just look what we saw!  It’s a harbour Seal (also known as a common seal but, whilst he or she might be a frequent visitor to Dartmouth harbour, I can tell you that they are pretty uncommon in Worcestershire!)  He’d followed one of the small fishing boats in and was eagerly enjoying the fish they threw to him.  He put on a great show for us and for half an hour or more we watched him dive and reappear.  At an estimated six feet long and perhaps twenty stones in weight, I expect he treated himself to a few more fish when beneath the water.


The B&B in which we stayed was nothing special, despite its claims to be superior so on Monday morning as we caught the car ferry over to Kingswear on our way to Brixham for the rest of our holiday we were hoping for something better … and we certainly found it. I’ll post more shortly and also tell you about my internet date!


  1. I love Dartmouth, although I haven’t been there recently. In the mid-nineties, we rented a cottage in Kingswear with fabulous views across the river. By sheer chance, we happened to be there for the Regatta which was amazing, especially with a ringside view of the Red Arrows from our front garden! Do hope to return there one day.


    • Do visit again, June. It really is a lovely place. We can spend ages on the quay just sitting and watching the comings and goings. I always comment on how peaceful and de-stressing it is.


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