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It was my birthday last week and celebrations included a wonderful Sunday lunch at my son and his girlfriend’s house, lunch out with husband at a pub we particularly like and a ladies’ lunch for four friends  at my house. By 9.30am last Friday morning I had made a strawberry roulade, a raspberry cheesecake and a rhubarb crumble.

The paprika chicken was ready for the oven, the potatoes peeled and the runner beans, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower all prepared. A coffee and walnut cake and date & walnut brownies were in the making. If you’re wondering about the unequal sizes of the brownies, the edges of two stuck to the tin and broke off so I ate them. Now, I could have trimmed the rest so that they were of uniform size but you know where they bits would have ended up, don’t you?  The excess of sweet treats was intentional. There were leftovers of course (my friends aren’t that greedy!) but that’s what freezers are for. I find it useful to portion things up so that we can just use the required amount (and, for a Slimming World member, it is less tempting that having, say, a whole cheesecake in the fridge).

Talk of freezers brings me on to the fact that I have not met my August target of two new recipes a week. This can be partly blamed on a freezer-failure. When I go to my Slimming World group I don’t get in until about 7.30. Husband prefers to eat earlier so I usually leave him a ‘here’s one I made earlier’ kind of meal, often from the freezer which he heats up in the microwave. Just before I was leaving the house I opened the freezer and… wet feet!  The fuse had popped in the fuse box. We saved what could be saved and it made for some ‘interesting’ meal combinations. I cooked some of the food into dishes (e.g. chicken pies and casseroles) as it can be re-frozen if cooked. However, some of it inevitably had to be discarded which I was rather upset about as I really hate food waste. I was especially disappointed that some of our home-grown runner beans had to go.  ‘Upset’ and ‘disappointed’ did not, however, adequately describe my feelings when we discovered that our house contents policy has a compulsory £50  excess on freezer-failures.  I’m pretty good at checking out policies at the time we buy, or noting amendments,  but you don’t remember all this kind of detail, do you? In 41 years of buying house contents insurance this would have been my first ever claim but I’d estimated the value of the ruined food at around £50 so the excess wiped it out.

One of my birthday presents from my daughter is a ticket to BBC’s Good Food Show at the NEC  later in the year. We’ve been before a couple of times and it’s great fun. We will undoubtedly come home with some tasty treats.






  1. Happy belated birthday! Your desserts look delicious! Sorry to read about your freezer failure and all the food loss. Hope you were able to get the fuse sorted out.


    • All sorted now thanks. We ate a few unusual combinations for a few days, and also had lunches which would have usually been dinner…….more substantial than the usual lunchtime sandwich or soup. I managed not to waste much in the end.


    • Haha, June. I’m not doing very well with it. I just set myself the challenge for August (and failed dismally!) Maybe September.

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  2. So sorry to hear of the demise of your freezer – they never ‘go’ when they are almost empty, do they? And all that lovely food you produced looked wonderful, especially the roulade and the cheesecake, my kind of puddings!
    Margaret P


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