Updates: August food challenge and the new job


Regular readers will remember that I decided to challenge myself to try at least two new recipes each week during August. In week!

Week 1 coincided with my starting a new job and although it’s only sixteen hours a week, I arrived home mentally exhausted. Not that I’m using that as an excuse for not meeting my target – I did, but you might have been expecting something a bit more complex than soup and bread.

The minted pea soup was made using a recipe from Margaret, one of my favourite blog writers. I already had the ingredients (petit pois – I always buy these rather than regular frozen peas,  potato,  onion, stock cube  and mint concentrate) so didn’t need to buy anything specially.  Although I’ve eaten pea soup, I’ve never before made any.  I like my soup thick and with texture but it could easily have been made thinner by adding more liquid and smoother by blending for longer.

The rustic-looking rosemary and seed loaf recipe came from a Sunday Newspaper supplement torn out months ago with the intention of making it that weekend. It didn’t happen at the time but I thought it would be the perfect accompaniment to the soup. The recipe called for a tablespoon of rosemary (I added two since it is one of my favourite herbs) and 80g of mixed seeds). Made with oats and yogurt, it is quite dense with a scone-like texture (though not crumbly). It was very filling. I experimented with freezing a couple of slices and defrosting today, a week later. It was fine.  I will also add that it tasted very good when spread with crunchy peanut butter (but please don’t tell my Slimming World consultant!)

Both the bread and soup were very tasty and I will definitely make them again even though Husband wasn’t keen on either! Unsurprisingly he was quite happy with the lemon cake I made!

I think that the new job will be fine; I’ve gone back into HR. It’s a branch of an international freight company and everyone is very friendly. The systems and processes are different to those I used to in the past but I’m getting there. There are a lot of advantages over my previous job.  Most of all it’s really nice to do my job sitting down! My ankles and knees were very uncomfortable after standing for several hours in the shop. Add to that – no more climbing of 42 stairs dozens of times a day, working only three mornings a week with no Saturdays,  and that there are no screaming children (some upset, others  undisciplined) to contend with – it was a good decision, a very good one!



  1. Thank you for trying my recipe, Eloise, and glad you liked it. It’s not my own husband’s favourite, either. He prefers French onion soup, and I love tomato and courgette best of all, but all these soups need adjustment for personal tastes. Sometimes I add more veggie Oxo cubes to a soup sometimes fewer cubes.
    PS I left a comment on the language post, defence of the dropped ‘t’, but it hasn’t appeared. Maybe it was too long, or it didn’t ‘stick’ or something.


    • a recipe for French onion soup would be nice, Margaret. Do you melt cheese on top? I wonder why the comments on dropped ‘t’ didn’t arrive. Do re-send if you have time.


      • My reply to the dropped ‘t’ was quite long, so I don’t think I will re-write, but it’s strange how these things happen, isn’t it? But mainly, I’m in favour of Received Pronunciation. While I like to hear accents they can, and often do, impede understanding, and first and foremost language is for communication. If someone has a very heavy accent, I find myself listening to the accent, how someone is speaking, rather than listening to what they are actually saying!
        French onion soup for my blog post sometime … that’s a good idea! It’s so simple, too. Basically two ingredients, onions and stock!
        Margaret P


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