Fabian Perez

A totally self-indulgent post about something which brings me great pleasure (but which I shall sadly never own – lottery win notwithstanding!)

Perez 2

Perhaps we all have a favourite artist, one on whose work we would spend our lottery win.  Despite my liking for light, airy rooms, I imagine a large dark oak pannelled study where I would fill the walls with the paintings of Fabian Perez. Included would be the one above: Marina with red light.

Perez - Saba on the balcony in a black dress

The inspiration for many of the paintings of Argentinean artist Fabian Perez come from his unconventional upbringing and his memories of his the brothels and nightclubs owned by his father. It is the powerful sensuality in Perez’s paintings that has captivated me. I love the contrast of sombre tones and rich reds that he uses (it is rare to see blues or greens in his work). Working mainly in acrylics, Perez claims that the darkness of colour is intended to give an impressions only. The atmospheric haziness of some of his subjects lends weight to the mood.

Perez Lettizia

Official artist to both the 2010 Winter Olympics and the 2012 London Olympics, Perez has achieved international acclaim for his work and, having been fortunate enough to have seen exhibitions of his paintings, I can understand the oft-made comparisons between his work and that of both Lautrec and modern Scottish painter, Jack Vettriano, despite the fact that these two quite significantly differ from each other  in style.

perez 7

I have also attended a couple of public discussions regarding the likeness to Vettriano. Some disagree vehemently whist others, quite reasonably, point out the similarities in individual pictures. For me, with a few exceptions, Vettriano’s work is flatter, more simple and contains little of the emotion that permeates the paintings of Perez. The artist himself has commented on the resemblance to some of Lautrec’s work, saying that he is flattered by such comparison and recognises a similarity in the slight humour in some of their paintings.

Whilst I admire the seductiveness of many of his paintings, my personal preference is for Perez’s series of Flamenco paintings where is able to bring the dancers alive with the energy and movement he manages to incorporate in his paintings. he is an extremely prolific painter with an obvious love of the female form. If you’ve enjoyed these, just Google ‘Perez paintings images’ to see dozens more.

Perez Gitania

Perez 3





  1. Love the pictures, very expressive. If I had a windfall would plump for a few Laurence Alma-Tadema paintings, have been a fan for years.


  2. I love the quality of light in these paintings, it’s superb! I think I prefer the flamenco dancers (if that’s what they are dancing) to the bar girls, but they are all beautiful.


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