A confused jumble or medley of things

Today’s post is a gallimaufry. I shall explain. It means ‘a confused jumble or medley of things’. If you already knew that, forgive me for assuming that you may not have done. I didn’t – at least not until I recently read a post on one of my favourite blogs. Which only goes to prove that, in order to expand one’s vocabulary, studying English Language is no substitute for reading an excellent blog!

First up is the dreaded weight subject …though, not quite so dreadful as it might have been. Regular readers (and there are now around 60 a day, which is fabulous) may remember that I gained 2.5lb on my holidays. Well, at the next weigh in I had lost FOUR pounds! The following week I stayed the same but am trying hard again this week. I will be weighing in again on Thursday this week. I’ve been out for lunch today with my gym friends. There were eleven of us and several chose a starter in addition to their main course. I feel rather virtuous to report that I was not one of them. My salad topped with poached pear, goats cheese and quinoa was delicious. I’ve eaten quinoa several times in restaurants and enjoyed it, but when I recently cooked some at home, it was horrible. I wonder if perhaps I didn’t cook it for long enough.

Favourite TV dramas


Have you been watching Poldark on TV? I’ve really enjoyed it and will be sorry to see it finish next Sunday but I’m pleased that a fourth series (which will cover books 5 and 6 of Winston Graham’s series) has been commissioned. Filming begins in a few weeks time. Since the series contains twelve books, one can hope that filming will continue for a while yet. One of the things I really like about Autumn (apart from the wonderful earthy smell in the air, the vivid colours as the leaves change and the fact that it’s time to wear boots again) is that both BBC and ITV usually offer a few good drama series. A second series of Doctor Foster with the brilliant Suranne Jones (one of my favourite actresses) was filmed last Autumn but I can find no information on when it will be shown. Another drama that I enjoyed was The A Word which centered around a young boy with Asperger’s syndrome. Set in the beautiful Lake District, the second series has recently been filmed. I know this for sure because my brother was one of the on-site lighting electricians. He gets to meet some interesting people in his work and sent me a photograph of himself lunching with the female star, Morven Christie (the pregnant one in The Replacement). I am really hoping that Happy Valley will return too but understand that a third series is yet to be written. Since I am a fan of Sarah Lancashire, I’d also love to see another series of Last Tango in Halifax but can find no information to suggest that this will happen.

Something else that I mentioned on an earlier post is that I was looking for an August food challenge. I am undertaking to cook a minimum of two new recipes a week and have come up with a not-so-shortlist of around fifty potential recipes. When you have been feeding people for more than forty years, cooking something completely different is not easy, so I’m sure to have made something not too dissimilar from each recipe. Nevertheless I’m looking forward to seeing how they turn out. I’ll update you as and when.

Talking of cooking – we were given some plums at the weekend. Using a dozen of them in place of the apples in my favourite apple cake recipe (with a couple of ounces of ground almonds to counteract their wetter consistency) I was rewarded with an incredibly moist and very tasty cake. I had to try a very tiny slice of course, just to check that it’s edible! Husband loves it. I think I shall be making it again.
I start my new job tomorrow and  I’m very glad to see that the dress code is smart casual since that is mostly what I have nowadays! I can just about scrape a couple of business outfits together if needs must. Many years ago a manager told me that one should never decide whether they like a job or not until they had done it for three months. I’ll report back in November!

The school holiday period means that some of my spare time is taken up with grandchildren. I already look after my two baby grandsons (10 months and 2 years) one day a week but during holidays also help out with my two granddaughters (12 years and 6 years) when I can. Last week, along with my daughter-in-law, I took the girls plus my 10 year old grandson (that’s the lot – all five now accounted for) to a new play centre that has opened in town. Whilst it’s not the kind of place in which I’d actually choose to spend several hours, it was a definite hit with the children. Not only does it have a large soft-play area but there are mock-ups of several shops for imaginative play, a Lego room, a ‘messy-play’ room, merry-go-round and dodgem cars. The concept is wonderful and I’d have liked something like that when my children were young. It was expensive though so our next outing is more likely to be a picnic in the park!

And finally…I received a very special gift this morning. My granddaughter proudly handed me a bookmark she had made specially for me.


I’m off now to pack my bag for tomorrow.


  1. Thank you so much for introducing me to such a wonderful new word: gallimaufry! I’m looking forward to finding an appropriate context to use it. What a lovely present!


    • Haha, apart from in my blog, I am struggling to think when I might use it. perhaps it is better suited to text than to speech.


  2. What a lovely post and I’m delighted I’ve introduced you to a new word! And best of luck with the new job? I had thought you were retired, so looking after grandchildren (or helping with them), and going out to work must be quite challenging at times, plus your personal challenge of cooking two new recipes a week!
    The plum cakes sounds delicious. I make a toffee apple cake where the apples can be substituted for rhubarb, but I reckon plums would be just as nice.
    Best of luck with the job – perhaps you will tell us all about it in due course.


    • I have been working part time since finishing uni last year…..and not
      Iiking it because it included Saturdays. Now I will be working just Monday to Wednesday mornings. I shall tell more soon. Toffee apple cake sounds delicious! I have just made your minted pea soup ready for tomorrow’s lunch.


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