A nice way to spend Sunday and how to make a fat-free, sugar-free, flour-free cake.

Strawberry or raspberry roulade


I like Sundays. I like the fact that I don’t have to go to work (although very occasionally I swap with someone who wants a Sunday off. This means I get the Saturday off and I like non-working Saturdays even more than Sundays).

The day began with a lazy lie-in, but I was up in time to greet the Ocado delivery man at 9.30. It’s rare that I get my shopping delivered, mainly because I like food shopping, but a voucher for £15 off a £50 online shop, a whopping 30%, seemed too good to miss. By choosing some of the half price or two-for-one offers, I ended up with £69 worth of food for just £36. Given my recent ‘using up what I had in the freezer and cupboards’ challenge, I did need to do a bit of stocking up. I also popped to Tesco yesterday to buy a few things that I can only get there. Apart from fresh fruit and veg, milk and bread, I shouldn’t need to shop now for at least a couple of weeks.

Shopping put away I turned my thoughts to cooking. My eldest son and family (including three sons) were coming for tea – a little birthday tea for my grandson who had his second birthday whilst we were away last week. I never think of cooking as a chore; I find it quite relaxing.  I made a salmon, broccoli and potato bake and a rhubarb cake using the recipe for apple cake that I’ve been using for years. I substituted rhubarb for apple and ginger for cinnamon. It tasted fine but another time I think it needs a little more of each. For the baby, ten months old, I made a cheese and potato pie. Mummy had offered to bring something for him but I think if you invite people to tea, you should be prepared to feed them all! Then I made a salad including a ‘red slaw’ which consists of thinly shredded beetroot, red onion, red cabbage and balsamic vinegar. Very tasty! Also for the elder grandson (ten and a half) I cooked some baby sausages as I know he enjoys them.

Now to the unlikely sounding free from fat, sugar and flour cake which I also made today.  Trust me on this -it’s really not bad at all. I’ve served this to friends many times and they always seem happy to have a second piece!

Strawberry/raspberry Roulade :  Separate 4 eggs and beat whites until stiff.  Beat yolks and add 2 heaped teaspoons baking powder and 3-4 tablespoons sweetener. I don’t buy anything with aspartame sweetener so I use Natvia, a natural plant based sweetener. This definitely improves flavour of cake over the usual artificial taste. Add 1 teaspoon vanilla essence. Fold the yolk mixture into egg white. Spread over parchment lined Swiss roll tin. Bake at 160-180 for approx 15 mins. Cool, remove from tin and gently peel off paper. Spread with a small tub of 0% Total Greek yogurt* and cover with fresh strawberries or raspberries, crushing them slightly. Carefully roll it up. Sometimes it cracks, sometimes not. It will last in the fridge for a couple of days.  Defrosted raspberries may also be used but eat soon after as the juice is inclined to make the sponge soggy.


*I must fly the flag here for Total yogurt. I not only use it in this roulade but in several other ways too.

  • As I dislike buttercream I make a delicious cake topping by mixing Total with icing sugar and coffee (just make sure you keep the cake in the fridge as the ‘icing’ is inclined to go a bit runny at room temperature).
  • Make a very quick mackerel pate by mashing a cooked smoked mackerel fillet with a squeeze of lemon juice and three tablespoons of Total. I like it coarse with flakes of mackerel but you could put it into a blender for a smoother finish.
  • Add to mashed potato to make it creamy without adding calorific butter.
  • As a substitute for cream in any recipe (quiche, creamy sauces etc.)


I always made my children’s birthday cakes but I’m afraid I bought one for today. I wasn’t sure how I’d be fixed for time so ordered it from Ocado. Clearly, since I made the rhubarb one and the roulade, I could have made one but I have to say that we did enjoy the very chocolaty ‘Cedric the Caterpillar’. Grandson loved blowing the candles out. He is adorable but a very lively little boy so we were quite tired afterwards, but I just remember how it must be for his mum and dad who spend a lot more time with him, of course! I can’t help reminding my son that he was exactly the same and according to his other nanny, his mum was also a handful.  Is that what they call Karma?  The baby and the big boy are much quieter, calmer children, as were my other two.

I hope you’ve had a nice Sunday too.


  1. I am not a fan of online shopping I have only done it twice, but I could be tempted if there was a good deal, sounds like you did very well indeed, your food sounds delicious, the roulade sounds very good.


    • I’m not a great fan either but the offer was such a good one. I have only done it about four times and each time I have been lured by a good offer! I like to mooch around and choose my shopping, though it is exactly that which encourages me to over-buy.


  2. I will read this all again tomorrow, Eloise, just off to bed, totally wiped out by the heat but want to write down the recipe for this lovely-looking cake!
    Margaret P


    • Sleep well, Margaret! It has been very hot here today too. The cake is great and Totsl yogurt doesn’t taste at all like other yogurt.


  3. Lovely blog of this afternoon’s event. The two year olds mother was also very lively when small. Her younger sister was the calm one in our household all those years ago.


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