Hooray, it’s over!

Thank goodness for that – my shopping challenge is complete.

The last couple of weeks of trying to keep to a pre-determined spending limit in order to reduce my overstocked food supplies have proved very taxing indeed, not least because I’ve had food-shopping withdrawal symptoms! The £90 limit May challenge update and a new one for June was a step too far. Although I managed to keep on track during May, I struggled in June and ended up with a £31 deficit. I could have tried harder, I could have resisted a few of the purchases and we could have eaten a few odd combinations sans vegetables during the last week or so, but I just couldn’t do it.

The exercise has, however, proved that my shopping habits needed a serious overhaul and I believe that I have learned a valuable lesson in shopping more mindfully. There is still a fair amount of food left (especially cous cous which husband has now declared he doesn’t much like) both in the cupboards and freezer so, whilst not setting a stringent budget, I will build meals around the remaining items and look forward to restocking (more carefully) later in the month.

Although I got fed up, I do like a challenge so though I have no plans for a July, I’m thinking about what to do in August. Perhaps a commitment to try two new recipes a week, or maybe three no-meat days each week. What do you think?  Suggestions welcome.


6 thoughts on “Hooray, it’s over!

  1. One of my current challenges is to keep weeding out cookery books. I have a large shelf full of them but nearly always use the same ones.
    Some I keep for sentimental reasons but one of my mantras, borrowed from a book I read is,
    “If it makes you feel sad or guilty, get rid of it.”
    I have been using up the contents of our freezer. It’s wonderful to be able to find things easily instead of rooting through frantically and dropping the odd frozen item on one’s toes!
    Am interested to see what you come up with for August. Sue


    1. Oh I so agree, Sue. Being able to see what is in the freezer is rather liberating. I still have some things to use up and I will incorporate them into this month’s meals.
      I like that mantra – I shall use it too!


  2. It is hard I know, it is a good idea to make a few new recipes a week, I shall be doing that with the cookery books I kept, we have several meat free days a week, it certainly helps the purse strings, we did enjoy a nice pork chop tonight though it was lovely, have a lovely weekend.


    1. Thanks Marlene. I eat little meat, though I do like fish. My husband likes meat too much! Enjoy your weekend too. We are off to the Lake District tomorrow.


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