Coffee cake disaster

Whilst no Mary Berry,  I know that I am a reasonably competent cake maker so glancing through the glass door of the oven this morning I had expected to see my two coffee cakes rising nicely and browning lightly. I’d no reason to think otherwise; it’s a tried and tested recipe that I have been using for years with no problems.  This was the sight that greeted me:

Coffee cake disaster 1

Should I leave it alone, let the loaf tin do its worst and save the round cake, or should I intervene and have two ruined cakes?  Thoughts of having to scrape burnt cake from the oven floor made me choose the second option.   I scraped away what I could (and took a quick photograph) and returned both cakes to the oven hoping that some miracle might occur. It didn’t.

Coffee cake disaster

I just don’t understand what went wrong because I made the same quantity as I always do and used the same tin. I even checked in the bin to make sure that I hadn’t inadvertently added the eggs twice!

Never one to waste food unnecessarily, I salvaged what was ok from the loaf cake and cut it up into chunks. These are now in the freezer awaiting inspiration – probably some kind of tiramisu-type pudding in due course.  Then I scooped out the centre of the round cake to half depth and filled it with coffee ‘cream’ . I make this by mixing icing sugar, coffee and Total 0% fat-free Greek yogurt as I don’t like butter or margarine. Then I popped the centre back on, put more of the ‘cream’ over it and decorated with walnuts. It doesn’t look up to much but husband will eat it quite happily!

This is the second time of late that something I have made previously without any trouble has gone wrong. A couple of weeks ago it was toad-in-the-hole which turned out heavy and solid. BUT ……. my daughter is staying for a couple of nights so who cares about cake or sausages in Yorkshire pudding  – I have my girl home for a little while and that’s one of the best things in the world.


4 thoughts on “Coffee cake disaster

    1. Feel free to steal it, Lyssa. I hope you like it! Just make sure you store the cake in the fridge as it is not quite as firm as buttercream.


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