Not very smart


I’m not very smart, in fact I’m not at all smart – in terms of my mobile phone, that is.

From time to time people ask me to join them on ‘Messenger’ and I am invited to download an app. My twelve year old granddaughter suggests I should have an instagram account and I frequently receive friends’ indecipherable messages on my phone which have been sent using technology that my phone does not have (these, according to said granddaughter, are emoticons).  I am still using the phone I got in 2007 – yes, TEN years ago! The provider frequently reminds me that I am entitled to an upgrade and, just as frequently, I remind them that I am not interested.

I find it astonishing that people are willing to pay £30+ a month for their phone contract. Maybe it costs even more than that nowadays. For £5 a month  I get unlimited texts and something ludicrous like 500 minutes talk time which, so far as I’m concerned, equates to unlimited time given that last month I used 21 minutes and the month before that 27. I understand that i.phones can cost literally hundreds of pounds to buy. Unbelievable!  Of course, those paying high monthly charges are getting more for their money but these are not things I need or want. Let me explain:

I have never found the need to look at my email whilst out and about. If anyone needs me for something important they can call or text me.  Other than that it can wait until I get home where I can access emails on my i-pad, laptop or desktop PC.   Similarly I have no possible interest in letting everyone and anyone know where I am at any given time by allowing my phone to log my location. I just don’t see the point.

Some people’s phones seem to ‘ping’ continuously with new stuff for them to view on Messenger, Facebook, Instragram, Snapchat, Pinterest or Twitter. There are probably others of which I have never heard.  If I had these facilities then I would feel compelled to look – a case of the phone owning me instead of the other way round!   I usually log on to the internet  at some point in the evening where I can pick up whatever has been sent or posted.I do have a Facebook account (though I don’t post very regularly)and that’s enough. I don’t need anything else so, for as long as my phone works, I’m happy with the old friend.



  1. I must confess I am one of those people who lives their life over their mobile. Dare I say it, it might be a generation thing…
    It has my email, camera/photos, internet, social media and of course (yet ironically it’s least used function) the ability to actually call people.
    If I lost my phone no doubt I’d be in a blind panic. Although losing my work phone definitely wouldn’t be as disastrous.


    • Yes, the generation thing might just have some bearing. However, most of my friends in their 60s and 70s have Smart phones, so maybe it’s just me!


  2. Yes, our phones are positively antique! The desktop PC is my favourite to work on. I prefer a large screen.
    The laptop is a leftover from my previous working life and rarely used and the i-pad (mini version so about 5″ X 7″ ) was bought when I went to university because it is very much lighter to carry around than a laptop. It fits into a handbag and has an inbuilt camera which I like. My husband is a much more serious photographer and his camera is far too complex for me!


  3. I had my, what was then the very lasted in technology (it had a photo facility) mobile for my 65th birthday in 2009, so my phone isn’t much younger than yours, Eloise, it will be 8 in September. And that’s old for a mobile, isn’t it! As with you, I don’t want to be owned by my mobile, hearing it ping all the time because, like you, I’d feel compelled to look at it. I don’t need hundreds of apps, I don’t wish to play games, and I don’t even have an iPad or laptop. I only have my good old computer because, as my computer guru said, a laptop just wouldn’t be able to cope with the volume of work I do on my computer (plus many thousands, perhaps over a hundred thousand, photos.) I just have a phone to text and use as a phone in an emergency while out and about. At home we still use the old fashioned land line!
    Margaret P


  4. Oh how I agree with you. I have a mobile phone that I take with me when driving at night in case of emergencies. I have a landline which I use, don’t understand what an app is, and no use for social media, what a wonderful post. Thank you.


    • Haha, it is good to know that I’m not alone! Actually, I am quite savvy in word, excel, PowerPoint etc so it’s not that I don’t embrace technology at all. I joined Facebook as a way of seeing what my children are up to and I like to see the photos that they post of my grandchildren. I also communicate with some of my friends but I really don’t have any use for all the other stuff. Aside from all that, I find trying to read from a small screen very irritating so that’s another reason that I don’t want to access the Internet via my phone.


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