A busy week

I am a very sociable sort of person. I love to meet up with friends and going out for lunch is one of my favourite things to do. However, going out in the evening comes a lot further down the list so to have been out on three evenings within eight days is almost unprecedented.

Firstly husband and I attended an evening wedding reception. It was nice to meet up with people whom, in some cases, we hadn’t seen in a few years, and we had an enjoyable evening. When we got married, evening receptions were unheard of but today they are the norm and I can understand why. Even low-key weddings are costly with a hotel reception costing from around £50 a head for the day which, for most people, severely curtails the guest list. Being able to extend the celebrations into the evening  and include more people to share this happy time seems a good compromise. Most people actually want their friends present rather than a great aunt who is never seen from one year to the next, but wedding guest lists can be a complex nightmare and I have seen friends get really upset by their children’s refusal to invite certain people.  To my own children I said that their guest list was absolutely their choice and not once did we have any disagreements over what, after all, was their day and not mine. My daughter invited some criticism for excluding children other than nieces and nephews but when you marry in your thirties lots of friends have children and the number would have run to more than thirty little ones. I was fully behind the decision.  Of course people could do what my husband and I did – a handful of guests at the local register office followed by drinks at home. I have to admit though, I’d really like to be able to look back on something a bit more glamorous.

Anyhow, I digress …so back to my busy week.The second evening event was a surprise birthday gathering at a local pub for a friend arranged by her husband.   Knowing that she’s not a great fan of surprises, I wasn’t sure how it would go down but it was a pleasant evening with lots of chatter and putting the world to rights. It was the evening before the election so there was plenty to talk about!

The following day was the afternoon tepee party (regular readers will remember that I mentioned this as a forthcoming event a while ago). With comfortable seating for around twenty guests and a central log fire, it’s a place I would definitely consider for a celebratory get-together. One of my friends from the gym was 65 and ten of us had a great day re-living our youth with a selection of sixties music in a large hired  tepee in a pub garden. The company was great, the food was good, the drinks flowed and we wore feathers in our hair! The latter were provided by the birthday girl as she thought they would fit well with the tepee theme but then we noticed that it was described as a ‘Nordic Tepee’. Unfortunately we couldn’t make use of the adjacent garden as it rained heavily.  No matter – we still had a lovely time.

tepee 2

The following evening I was with some of the same friends at a charity quiz organised by the gym. We raise money for Cancer Research as our primary charity but also for several others. The quiz night supported Cancer Research and MacMillan nurses. My last blog post included information on Sir Edward Elgar and by coincidence, the first answer in round one was…Sir Edward Elgar! Out of sixteen teams we came second, losing out to the winners by only three points.

During this eight day period I also worked 26 hours, entertained visiting grandchildren, invited my brother to dinner, met an ex-fellow student for coffee, went to the dentist, got my hair done twice  and attended the gym three times. Last night I was in bed at 8.30pm – exhausted.  Age might be just a number but sometimes there’s just no denying it!


  1. Haha Margaret, I think we have shared enough of our day to day lives (in a virtual sense) to not consider a question to be nosy! I am not good (read that as useless) at doing my hair. My lovely daughter-I need-law is my hairdresser and I feel very lucky. I pay her once a week for a wash & blowdry, and for any additional sessions we come to an arrangement such as me doing a basket of ironing for her. The great thing is that we each think we get the best end of the bargain. By the way how did you get on with the Charles Worthington shampoo?


  2. My goodness, you have been busy. But what stands out for me is that little statement you slipped in … in an 8 day period you had your hair done twice! Any particular reason? Or do you go once a week anyway to the hairdresser … excuse me if I’m being too nosy, just ignore my question if I am. My mother had her hair done once a week on a Friday, but she didn’t wash her hair herself, she had no talent for this, blow drying it or even ‘setting’ it as she would’ve done when young, in pink curls. I wash my hair every day and blow dry it, and as it’s very short, I manage it myself between my 5-weekly appointment (which is mainly to get it cut.)
    Margaret P


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