May challenge update and a new one for June

Fruit salad

An undertaking to spend no more than £100 on food during May was a pretty spectacular success – in one way. Total spend on fresh fruit and veg, bread, milk, cheese and yogurt came in at £101 and if I’m honest I could have reduced that further by not buying a few things where, instead, I could have improvised with items I already had.  So I certainly met the challenge in terms of keeping to my budget.  However, since the key objective was not actually about saving money but about preventing waste by using the over-full contents of my cupboards and freezer, that success has been rather more muted. How we have managed to eat for a month yet seemingly made such minor inroads to freezer and cupboard contents, I have no idea. Certainly there are things that have run out and that I need to replace but there is STILL way too much.

However,  I’m determined that the objective WILL be met so I hereby undertake to repeat the exercise during June. This time I’m going to focus more on trying out new recipes where I tweak and improvise to make even better use of what we have.  And to make it even more of a challenge, this month I’m reducing the spend to £90. I’ll keep you updated.

The fruit platter is one I made a while ago but I couldn’t think of what picture to take to accompany this post!



  1. Good for you in sticking to your spending target. I have every sympathy in how slow it can be to run down stocks in cupboards and freezers, after doing storecupboard challenges last February and June. I ended up making a list of the items I really wanted to shift, then forcing myself to find specific recipes and actually cook them. Personally, things often hung around because I wasn’t quite sure how to cook them, or didn’t like them very much, so I had to make a conscious effort to use them up rather than taking the easy option of cooking with newly purchased alternatives. Will look forward to reading your results from June!

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    • I have things that I don’t really like very much too! How crazy is that and why on earth did I buy them?


      • I am attracted to a new recipe and buy the ingredients but then don’t make the recipe so the ingredients lurk in the cupboard. Months later I find them but have gone off the original idea or can’t remember what I bought them for!
        One of my new resolutions is to use anything that comes into the house within a fortnight.


      • The two week rule seems a very good policy to adopt. I can identify with that. I have some buckwheat flour bought for a specific recipe but now have no idea what seemed tempting enough for me to go out and buy it!


    • I’m looking forward to the big re-stock at the end of the challenge! I do hope that I will be a little more careful afterwards with regard to balancing using/storing.


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