Coffee with friends


Good friends are one of life’s essentials and time spent drinking good coffee and chatting with those friends is one of life’s great pleasures. I have friends of twenty, thirty, forty and even fifty years standing. With these, much of the conversation centres on reminiscing over shared experiences – testing times when we’ve been there for each other offering support and a shoulder to cry on, and times when we’ve celebrated together. We talk about our children and grandchildren and bemoan the fact that we sometimes sound like our mothers! We’ve even started comparing aches and pains!  We meet in nice coffee shops, perhaps at a garden centre or local craft centre, and sometimes in the pub. When we were younger the idea that pubs would serve morning coffee would not even have been within the realms of possibility.

In the past few years I have made a new group of friends at the gym. Over a post-exercise coffee, conversations often involve social events – the planning of birthday lunches or afternoon teas feature frequently! Some of us are forming a team for a charity quiz night next month, and we also have a mock Ascot Ladies Day to look forward to. Our ladies only gym is aimed at the more mature among us and the peripheral social life is a big part of it. I’ll tell you more about the unique Gymophobics concept in another post.

I spent this morning in the delightful company of a much newer, much younger friend. We didn’t talk of the past for we have little shared history, and we didn’t plan future meetings, though I have no doubt that they will happen. We are at very different stages in our lives but we still managed to talk seamlessly for nearly two hours whilst drinking some extremely nice coffee.


  1. Yes, it is true; sometimes we just ‘click’ and know that someone is going to be a friend. Old friends know us well and we them; I love that comfort. With new friends there is the excitement of discovery. I think we draw different strengths from different types of friendships. I value mine greatly.
    There can’t be many pubs nowadays which don’t serve coffee. I remember my first pub meal with a boyfriend: scampi and chips in a basket for 55p ! This was a revelation – my parents didn’t go to pubs except very occasionally on holiday where we would sit in the garden with pop and crisps.


  2. How I agree and how fulfilling it is to have such friends, those we have recently met and those of long standing. My oldest friendship goes back to 1951 when my friend and I met on my first day at school in Devon after moving here with my parents. Then I have anther friend from my second primary school in Devon and then two from grammar school from age 13 onwards, indeed one of those introduced me to my husband-to-be and she was my bridesmaid. Long friendships are wonderful but this isn’t to discount more recent ones, and I don’t know about you, but sometimes you feel on the same wavelength with someone right away, even though age and other circumstances are quite different. Yes, meeting for coffee is wonderful! But oh, how we would’ve laughed if pubs served coffee back in the 1960s! You were lucky if there were two kinds of crisps, ordinary with the little blue bag of salt, and cheese & onion to go with the Babycham or Cherry B!
    Margaret P


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