A challenge for May


I have a challenge for May. No, not Theresa; I think she has enough of her own with a General election happening soon.  This is a challenge for me. The above photograph shows the contents of just one shelf in one of my kitchen cupboards. Really, who needs this much dried fruit and nuts?  Other cupboards are similarly overfilled with all manner of provisions and the freezer is so full that I can’t get anything else in there. I reckon we could survive for a couple of months without buying another thing!  In the case of cous-cous,  probably a couple of years!

One of my quirks (don’t we all have them?) is the need to constantly challenge myself. If it’s not something altogether new, then I want to better my previous ‘performance’. It would be a useful trait if I was a sportswoman, but as I’m not, it can be a tad trying at times. Anyhow, I’m feeling the need for a stretching target so here it is: during May we will eat the food we have in already and I aim to spend no more than £100 on food during the entire month. This will mainly be used for fresh fruit & veg, fruit juice, bread and milk. I began, as one would, on 1st May and so far, so good. I think food shopping has become a habit. My husband might say an obsession!

Then, at the end of the month, I expect I will go and fill the freezer and cupboards up again!

11 thoughts on “A challenge for May

  1. Wow… quite a challenge. My husband and I did that with our “freezer” this year. We
    had frozen a lot of food in anticipation of snow days (we live in a mountain community). The weather turned out to be mild, so we had a lot of food left over. So, in March and April, we began using it up. Most of it worked well, but we learned to never freeze canned crab meat!!


    1. Ha ha, I will take note of the advice re canned crab meat! The challenge is going ok so far, though I forgot to consider cheese and yogurts. The thing is I LIKE supermarket shopping and when I popped in just to pick up a couple of bits today, it was very, very hard not to do the whole tour of the aisles. Snow days here in the UK don’t occur all that often, and we certainly don’t need to make plans for being snowed in for long periods. Thanks for finding my blog.


  2. My goodness, that’s a lot of small packets of things. Isn’t it more expensive to buy things in small packets rather than larger ones and decanting them for work? We buy sultanas, raisins, dried apricots and figs (and glace cherries and candied peel for cakes), walnuts (as our tree didn’t have any last year – or rather it did but the blimmin’ squirrels took them all), brazil nuts, almonds (and blanched for cakes). But I reckon if I emptied our larder of all the packets of dried fruit and nuts it might look something like your photo, only different producers (all nuts come from Lidl and the rest come from Waitrose.) And then there is the fresh fruit … I’d better not start on that list … and the tinned fruit, William pears, peaches, , pineapples, prunes, mandarins, lychees … we should be healthy, shouldn’t we? Oh, and jars of stem ginger, too. I know they’re in syrup but a little sliced on top of melon is lovely …
    Margaret P


    1. Whoops – pressed send too early. The photo does make the packets look small. These are my cake making ingredients. What a shame about the walnuts – I have seen a photo of the walnut tree on your blog previously – how disappointing. I think Aldi walnuts are far nicer than those from other supermarkets but I haven’t tried the Lidl ones. People don’t seem to buy much tinned fruit nowadays – maybe it’s a generation thing but everyone ate it when I was a child. I still love mandarin oranges (Asda ‘Chosen by you’ are by far the nicest I’ve had and I go to Asda just to get them. My mother always gave us tinned pears when we were poorly because they were easy to digest and, to this day, I still eat them when feeling unwell. When I had pneumonia last year I ate tins and tins of them! Stem ginger – oh YUM!


  3. I have just done this, living alone it is difficult to buy small amounts, so gets put in freezer ‘for later’. I am looking forward to restocking with summer goodies but so chilly that soup from the freezer may be more realistic. Good luck with the dried fruit.


    1. It was chilly here yesterday, but glorious this morning. I love soup but unfortunately I like generous chunks of crusty bread with it … not so good for the diet. I will be making a large fruit cake this afternoon. I popped into Tesco for a few essentials and found myself picking up a packet of non-essential teacakes, but then I remembered my challenge!


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