Chocolate heaven


The average person eats their own body weight in chocolate every ten years (Chris Woodford, The science of chocolate 2016).  Bet it wouldn’t take me that long!

Have you ever felt consumed by a craving for cucumber? Or perhaps frantically rushed into Tesco Express minutes before closing time desperate to satisfy your longing for a broccoli floret. I’ll hazard a guess that your answer is no. Not that there’s anything wrong with the taste of either. Indeed I’d go as far as saying that both can be very enjoyable with suitable accompaniments and served at the right time (which reminds me of the offering from a Croatian hotel where one of the breakfast dishes consisted of broccoli topped with scrambled egg but that’s another story)! The thing is – vegetables just don’t hit the spot when you really can’t think of anything other than … chocolate.

It surprises me not one jot to read that chocolate is the most craved food. Distraction techniques rarely work; if I want chocolate, I want chocolate and nothing else is going to do. Buying the best and eating only a little – that’s a great idea but it just doesn’t work, not for me. Best thing is not to buy it at all.
Chocolate helps the body create serotonin which is responsible for regulating moods and is even thought to help prevent depression. It supplies nutrients which balance hormones and the chemicals in the brain by triggering endorphins. Unfortunately, it is also high in sugar which unbalances blood sugar levels. And it adds weight if eaten in anything other than very small quantities. I have spent my entire adult life trying not to give into my craving for the damned stuff. The 3pm slump at work, the long drive home, feeling sad or fed up, feeling happy and celebratory – it’s always chocolate.

My daughter probably rues the day I introduced her to Butler’s chocolate – she’s hooked too. Their white chocolate truffle bar is sublime and the dark chocolate mint cream is not far behind it. It can only be a good thing that it isn’t readily available in England , but on one of our trips to Ireland – oh my! There are even Butler’s chocolate cafes. I’ve noticed that in Worcester Hotel Chocolat have opened their own version of the chocolate cafe and I can confirm that it’s ok, but it’s not in the same league. Thank goodness or I might be tempted to visit a little too often.

Green & Blacks is a great favourite too (as anyone who read my post ‘Seven things you might not know about me’ will be aware) but I’m no chocolate snob – ever since I was a small child, the lure of a crumbly Cadbury’s flake has proven impossible to resist.

Are you a chocolate fiend or is there some other delicious treat that you find hard to resist?


  1. I have very little standards when it comes to chocolate. I like it all – from fancy Hotel Chocolat bars to huge bars for £1 from Adli (and everything in between). I think it’s almost impossible to choose a favourite as I tend to go through phases, but all in all it’s hard to beat a white chocolate Lion Bar, or some Mint Poppets, or Sea Salt Green & Blacks, or a Galaxy Ripple…the list could go on…


    • Haha, not my favourite chocolate but I wouldn’t reject it! I have a strategy when presented with a box of chocolates – husband hides them and brings me one each evening until they have all gone. Drastic but as a (not terribly good) member of Slimming World I cannot afford to have them in sight.

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  2. I love chocolate, too, but not particularly the very milky, sickly stuff that Cadbury produces. Remember, I was brought up in a newsagent’s shop and was surrounded by the stuff, but I loved Walnut whips and Lion bars in those days, and always a Fry’s peppermint cream bar, and I still love those, and Bounty bars, too. I also loved boxes of Rowntree’s Black Magic at Christmas or Terry’s All Gold. I always preferred dark, hard chocolates to soft, milky creamy ones, and hard caramels in boxes of chocolates were my favourite – I didn’t like the strawberry cream at all, but an orange cream or a coffee cream was lovely.
    I now love Bendicts mints, and anything by Lindt, and Waitrose’s one dark chocolate hazelnut bars. Indeed, I’m not proud, as long as it’s chocolate, although as I say, not the milky stuff, I will eat it!
    Margaret P


    • Haha, a woman after my own heart. This doesn’t surprise me as we have discovered many likes/dislikes in common. I adore coffee creams and orange creams but can’t stand strawberry creams. However, I can’t agree on Bounty bars as I am not a fan of dessicated coconut. My dad loved Fry’s peppermint cream bars and always gave me a piece when I was a little girl. So far as boxes of chocs go, dark chocolate cherry liqueurs are a great favourite and Thornton’s Continental hit the spot too. A tin (though they’re plastic nowadays) of Quality Street are rather nice too! In fact, when it comes to chocolate, there is very little that I would say no to!


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